Jabber | Sign In and Connect to Services

When you sign in to Jabber, your organization's system authenticates your username and password. Jabber then automatically connects all your services.

There are many ways to do that authentication. Your organization chooses how Jabber gets authentication information. So, how you sign in differs based on factors like:

  • The type of device that you use

  • Your method of connecting to your organization's network (on-premises, VPN, MRA)

  • The type of authentication that your organization (simple accounts, single sign-on with your organization account, multifactor authentication)

What you see on the sign-in screen and the steps that you follow changes accordingly.

If you run into an issue, talk to your system administrator. Your administrator might add a custom link to the Jabber sign-in screen to report issues. Otherwise, go through your standard channels to report your issue.