Seamless delivery: Take comfort in knowing that your producer is a certified expert who will support your event or meeting from start to finish to help ensure that it runs smoothly.

Added value: Our experts are there to help before, during, and after your meeting. Your producer can help you get maximum impact by using in-meeting features such as Q&A, chat, and polling and provide the best possible experience for your attendees. Take advantage of a dry run session to fine-tune, prepare, and practice.

Booking a Reservation

Select the service level that you require.

The chart below describes the services we offer, Lifecycle Assist vs Event Assist.

Assist Service Description

Lifecycle Assist

Event Assist

Pre-Event Planning

Webex App Space: Coordinate real time using the Webex app with your producer for event planning and preparation.

Host Call: 10-minute call to provider producer with key details.

Recommended 1 week prior to event.

Consultation (up to 1 hour): Your producer schedules the event, provides customers with invitation links, creates landing or enrollment pages, and customizes approval or reminder messages.

Recommended 2-3 weeks prior to event.

Dry Run or Rehearsal (up to 1 hour): Your producers helps you establish a timeline and a backup plan, along with the roles and responsibilites for the live event.

Recommended 2-3 days prior to event.

In-Event Support

Event Pre-conference (30 minutes prior to the event start time)

Live Event (1-hour event) Purchase of additional support SKU is required for events longer than 1 hour.

  • Producer actively monitors your meeting or event to answers any technical questions from attendees and presenters

  • Runs polls, mangages chat and Q&A, and records the event.

Post-Event Support

Event Results: Your producer will provide final registration, attendance, chat, and Q&A results along with an event recording in a post-event report.


Additional support can be purchased in increments of 1 hour for:

  • Event duration longer than one-hour.

  • Extra recording editing

  • Additional dry-run support

Important to Remember

  • When selecting Event Assist, you will need to schedule your meeting, training, or event. If you order a Lifecycle Assist, your Assist Services producer will walk you through the scheduling process.

  • Place your assist order at least 2 weeks before the meeting date to ensure that the date and time that you desire is available.

After you have determined the service level that you require, submit a request for support at one of the following links:

Unsure of what type of account you have? Send an email to ps-operations@cisco.com with your Webex URL and account number (if you have it) and we will direct you from there.

To update or cancel your reservation, see https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/221da41eaf814842b31251033687fe1d.

Need to see how many assists you’ve used? Request a usage report here:

https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/af44ca10355649b083cf41913b2089b4 .