Overview of the Webex Recorder

Record all screen activity in any application on your computer by using the Webex Recorder.

You can capture:

  • Multimedia audio through an additional adapter.

  • Voice over narration by connecting a microphone to your computer.

The recording captures video from anyone broadcasting their web cam video; however, only the large video panel in the session is displayed in the recording. The video window switches to the active speaker's video, unless the host locks the video window on a specific participant.

Use the Webex Player to play recordings. Use the Webex Recording Editor to edit recordings.

Recorded files are saved on your computer in the Webex Recording Format (.wrf), a proprietary Webex format.

Download the Webex Recorder


Sign in to your Webex site.


At the bottom left of the page, select Webex Training, Webex Events, or Webex Support.


Click Support > Downloads.


Click Recorders and Players and then click Recording and Playback.


Scroll down to Webex Recorder, click Download, and follow the prompts.

Record an application


Do one of the following:

  • Open the Webex Recorder from your desktop.
  • Click All Programs > Webex > Webex Recorder & Player > Webex Recorder.

Select File > Open Application.


Do one of the following:

  • Select an application from the list, then click Select.
  • Click Other Application, select an application, then click Share.

Type a name for your recording file, choose a location, then click Save.


Use the buttons on the Recorder Panel to control recording:


Click the Following

Start recording

Pause or resume recording

Stop recording and save file

Set marker for navigating when recoding

Mark annotations on the screen

Start or stop recording audio

Adjust microphone sensitivity

Hide the recorder panel during recording


In the Webex Recorder, select Settings > Webex Recording Settings.


Check the Hide the Recorder panel during recording check box, and then click OK.

Play a recording

Use the Webex Player to play any .wrf format recording made using the Webex Recorder.


Do one of the following:

  • Open the Webex Player from your desktop.
  • Click All Programs > Webex > Webex Recorder & Player > Webex Player.

Select File > Open.


Locate the .wrf recording that you want to play, then click Open.


Use the buttons in the Webex Player to control play back:


Click the following

Start playback

Pause or resume playback

Stop playback


Navigate to the previous segment

Navigate to the next segment

Fast forward

Adjust playback volume

Mute or unmute audio

Fast forward or rewind to a specific location

Hide the player panel during playback


In the Webex Player, make sure that a file is open.


Select Controls > Settings.


The Settings option is available only while you have a file open.


Check the Hide the Player Console during playback check box, and click OK.