The following commands are available in meetings that are hosted on Webex video platform 2.0 and video devices that support SIP and H.323 protocols, or Skype for Business application. The commands aren’t available for cloud-registered devices.


Key Sequence

Host can lock or unlock the meeting


Mute or unmute yourself


Host can mute participants automatically on entry


Host can mute all


Host can unmute all


Host can allow participants to unmute themselves


Raise or lower your hand *3
Host or co-host can lower all hands #3

Host can start recording


Host can stop recording


Change your video layout

2 or 8

Move between main sessions and breakout rooms


Show or hide non-video participants #5

To prevent the unauthorized use of the host key, the host key for a meeting will now automatically renew when the meeting ends after its scheduled time. This change is applicable to all meeting sites from Oct 16, 2020.