Learn how to start and join meetings, view your upcoming meetings, connect to a device, and change your preferences. You can also learn how to get started if you're going to host a meeting.

There's more than one way to start a meeting from the Meetings desktop app. From the dashboard, you can select to start a meeting in your Personal Room.

To start a meeting that you scheduled, select the Start button next the meeting name under Upcoming Meetings.


The Start button appears up to 5 minutes before your scheduled meetings.

If you’ve already connected to a video device, you start the meeting automatically on that device when you click Start.

In the Join a Meeting field, you can enter a meeting number, a meeting link, a video address, or the host's Personal Room ID and press Enter to join.


You can find the host's Personal Room host ID in the Personal Room link. For example, if the Personal Room link is example.webex.com/meet/jparker, the host's Personal Room ID is jparker.

You can also select the Join button next the meeting name in the Upcoming Meetings list.


The join button appears up to 15 minutes before a scheduled meeting, depending on the host's preferences.

Click the Join a Meeting field and select one of the profile pictures in the Recent Personal Rooms list to join a recently joined Personal Room. If you want to see other rooms that you have recently joined, you can select the More icon.

If you’ve already connected to a video device, you join the meeting automatically on that device when you click Join.

Under Upcoming Meetings, you can view a list of your scheduled meetings. You can select to schedule a meeting from your Webex site or Microsoft Outlook.


If you want to enable or change how you schedule your meetings from your calendar, you can go to Preferences. For more info, see Set Your Preferences.

Under Upcoming Meetings, select Calendar next to the date, and then view your meeting list for any calendar date.

Use the Connect to a device option to look for compatible video devices to pair with the Meetings desktop app. You can connect to on-premises or cloud-registered video devices using the same steps.

The Meetings desktop app listens for ultrasound signals from Webex devices using the microphone on your computer to make the connection. No audio is stored or sent to Cisco.

When the Meetings desktop app detects a nearby video device, you can choose to connect to it and join a meeting from that device. If you're paired to a device, the device joins the meeting automatically when you click Join.

To join your next meeting with the video device, you can select Join meeting using this video system.

If you're paired to a device, then you can also share content locally using a Webex share device or a video device.


This feature is only available for Control Hub-managed sites or for Webex Site Administration-managed sites that are linked to Control Hub. Contact your site administrator to find out where your site is managed.

In your preferences, you can check your account settings, choose your meeting notifications, enable plug-ins that you want to use with the Meetings desktop app, and more.

To access your preferences, do one of the following:

  1. Open the Meetings desktop app and sign in.

  2. On Windows, select the gear icon. Then in the drop-down list, select Preferences.

    On Mac, select Cisco Webex Meetings on the app menu. Then in the drop-down list, select Preferences.

  3. For each preference you set, click Save.

  4. You can change the following:

    • General—Set the way that you want your app to open when you turn on your computer.

    • Account—View your username, email address, and Webex site URL. Select Change if you want to use a different Webex site URL.

    • Meetings—Choose your Calendar and Meet Now settings. Set default options for instant meetings that you start with Meet Now. Depending on your site settings, you can also select whether your instant meetings take place in your Personal Room. Your Personal Room link and video address are also available here if you want to copy them to share with others.


      Windows: If you want to use the Meetings integration to Microsoft Outlook, it must be enabled in your preferences. To enable it, go to Preferences > Integrations.

    • Notification—Use the drop-down option to select how long before a meeting you want to receive a reminder.

    • Video Devices—Connect your computer to a video device. Toggle the slider to automatically discover nearby devices.

    • Integrations—Connect the Meetings desktop app with the calendar, Microsoft Office, and browsers.