Answer a call

If you have multiple or shared lines, your handset displays the line that has the incoming call.

If you have a Bluetooth® headset connected to the handset, the call is answered on the headset or the handset while maintaining the audio path to the handset. If you don't have a Bluetooth headset connected, the call is answered on the handset.

The 6823 Handset doesn't support Bluetooth.

Press Answer/Send .

Answer an alarm (emergency) call

If your handset is set up as the recipient of alarm (emergency) calls, you receive alarm calls when someone presses the Emergency button on their handset. Alarm calls can be set up to ring one handset or a number of handsets.

The 6823 Handset doesn't have an Emergency button.

When an alarm call rings, you hear a different ringtone and your handset indicates that you have an alarm call. If you accept the call, the alarm is saved in the Alarms list. If you reject the call, the alarm isn't saved in the Alarms list.

Press Ok to answer the call or press Reject.

Answer call waiting

If you are on a call, and another call comes in, you hear the call waiting tone and the incoming call displays on the handset screen.

Do one of these actions:

  • To accept the call, press Answer/Send . Your active call is automatically put on hold.
  • To reject the call, press Decline. The call is sent to voicemail, if configured.