Remote Access in Cisco Webex Support

Webex Remote Access allows you to create a network of computers that you can access remotely. You can view a list of the remote computers that are assigned to you at any time.

About Remote Access

You can create the network without the complex installation costs and high investment in hardware, software, and technical staff.

Using Remote Access, you can:

  • Work on multiple remote computers from anywhere in the world with just a web browser.

  • Provide support and maintenance for your organization's products as if you were sitting in front of the computers.

View a List of the Remote Computers Assigned to You

The Remote Access Computers page displays a list of groups and computers that your site administrator assigned to you. The site administrator can organize computers into groups. For example, the site administrator can arrange computers by each branch in your organization. Folder icon icons on the page represent the groups.

    1Log in to your Remote Access website using your username and password.
    2On the left navigation bar, under Provide Support, select Remote Access.

    If you do not see a Remote Access link on the left navigation bar, your site administrator has not assigned any group or computer to you. Contact your site administrator to set up your Remote Access Computers page.

    3To view a subgroup or individual computers, select the folder icon.
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