When you are scheduling or running an event, you can provide security for the event by doing any of the following:

  • Require a password: If you specify a password, attendees must provide this password to join the event.

  • Make the event "unlisted": When scheduling an event, you can specify the event as unlisted. An unlisted event is not displayed on the List of Events page on your Webex Events site. Attendees obtain complete information about the event from your invitation email message.

  • Require attendees to provide their registration IDs. For either a listed or an unlisted event, you can request registration and require attendees to provide their registration IDs before joining the event. If you specify this option, each attendee receives a unique registration ID after you approve the registration request.

  • Restrict access to the event: Once all attendees have joined an event, you can prevent more attendees from joining it by restricting access to the event.

    Choose a level of security based on the event's purpose. For example, if you schedule an event to discuss your company picnic, specify only a password for the event. However, if you schedule an event in which you discuss sensitive financial data, you may want to make the event unlisted.