Whether you're experiencing an issue with the app or are curious about the service status, use the Health Checker to confirm that Webex Teams services and connections are okay. Test results show the status of the cloud, not your connection to the cloud.

  • Internet—Health Checker makes sure that your computer is connected to the Internet.

  • Server Connection—Health Checker confirms that the Webex Teams app can connect to the Cisco Webex cloud components. Click Test to verify if your computer can reach the cloud servers. If all services are accessible, a green check mark appears. If a service connection fails because of a rejected certificate, a red stop sign with a link for more information and a list of affected components appears.

  • Cloud—Health Checker gets the status of the Cisco Webex cloud from https://status.webex.com. If there's an outage, the color of the Cloud section turns orange or red, depending on the severity of the outage. Click status.webex.com to get details about any system issues or outages.

Click your profile picture, and then go to Help > Health Checker.

Go to Help > Health Checker.