If you purchased your plan through Cisco Commerce Express (CCE) or a partner, contact your Customer Success Manager at least 30 days before your contract renews in order to cancel your plan. Once you cancel, you can continue using your plan until your contract ends. Once your contract ends, your account is downgraded to a free Webex plan. For more details, refer to your Universal Cloud Agreement.

To cancel your plan and downgrade to a Webex free plan:


Sign into your Webex Meetings site.


Click the down arrow beside your name on the right, then select Site administration.

If you don't see this menu option, contact us for help.


From Webex Control Hub, click the building icon in the lower left corner of the screen.


Click Subscriptions, then click Change Plan.


Scroll down and select Cancel Paid Plan or Downgrade to Free, and confirm that you want to cancel your plan.


If you don't see either a Cancel Paid Plan or Downgrade to Free button, contact us.


Select a reason for canceling, then click Continue.


(Optional) If you're willing to provide feedback, enter it here, then click Submit.

What happens after I cancel my paid plan?

  • You can continue using your plan until it officially expires. For example, if you paid in advance for an annual plan and cancel it after nine months, you have access to the paid features for another three months.

  • When your contract expires, we’ll downgrade you to a free Webex plan. (If you don’t need the free plan, you can delete your account.)