Sign in to User Hub, then click Settings > Calling > Call settings.


Go to Call notify and turn on the toggle.


Enter an email address to send notifications.


Select a predefined schedule from the drop-down list.

If you don’t see a schedule that you want to use for this setting, you can add a schedule on the Schedules tab. For more information, see Create a schedule to apply to call settings.


Click Add Schedule to set the following parameters:

  • Schedule—Select the predefined schedule for when you want to be notified of calls from the drop-down list.
  • Calls from—Select if you want to be notified for calls from Any Phone Number or Select Phone Numbers. If you choose Select Phone Numbers, enter the additional details.
  • Notify me or Don't notify me—Choose whether you want to be notified when receiving calls that fit within these parameters.

Click Save.

Your schedule is added to a Notify me or Don't notify me table. You can edit or delete schedules from the tables, as needed.


Don't notify me takes precedence over Notify me.