Virtual Assistants

Create a Virtual Assistant to provide automated responses to customer chat requests or escalate customer requests to subject matter experts working in Cisco Webex Teams.

Customer Virtual Assistant

A Customer Virtual Assistant provides automated responses to customer chat requests. To create, configure, and start using a Customer Virtual Assistant:

  1. Create a Dialogflow agent.

  2. Use Dialogflow agent intents to map customer requests to automated responses.

  3. Create a new Customer Virtual Assistant in Cisco Webex Control Hub and add your Dialogflow agent's client access token to it. For more information, see Create a Customer Virtual Assistant.

  4. Add the Customer Virtual Assistant to a Cisco Spark Care Chat Template or a Cisco Spark Care Chat+Callback Template to start using the Virtual Assistant. For more information, see Create a Chat Template or Create a Chat+Callback Template.

If the Customer Virtual Assistant cannot resolve a customer request, the virtual assistant escalates the request to an agent.

Click the question mark icon on the Customer Virtual Assistant card to view the names of the templates that use that Customer Virtual Assistant.

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