You can choose to use a user name and password to authenticate to the network or you can choose to use client certificates. It is also possible to use both at the same time. The client certificates have to be uploaded through the API and need to be activated in order to use the 802.1x service. Setting up and updating the certificates for 802.1x must be done before pairing the Room Navigator to a system or after factory resetting the Room Navigator. The credentials are admin and blank password. For more information on how to add certificates by accessing the API, see the latest version of the API guide .


Tap on the device's name in the top left corner and select Settings .


Go to Network connection and Ethernet Settings .


Toggle Use IEEE 802.1X on.


  1. If authentication is setup with credentials, enter the user name and pass phrase. Tap the back button in the top left corner so the device can use the settings to authenticate.

  2. If you have uploaded a client certificate by accessing the API, toggle Use Client Certificate on.