Showing your self-view video with the other thumbnail videos lets you see the same view of you that others see.

Selfview with others and Floating selfview

If you prefer, you can show your self-view video separately, in a floating window.

If there are three or more people in your meeting and you don't need to see yourself, you can minimize your self-view video. Click Minimize my self-view video Minimize my self-view video. Others continue to see your video with the videos of the other participants.

For Webex App meetings, when your self-view video is floating, you can pin it in place. Move your video where you want it on the screen and click Pin video .

Before you begin

For Meetings and Events, this feature is available on WBS40.8 sites and later. To find out which version of Meetings or Events that you're using, see Find your Webex Meetings version number .


To float your self-view video, click Video options > Show my self-view in a floating window in your self-view video.


To show your self-view video with the thumbnail videos of the other participants, click Video options > Show my self-view with other videos in your self-view video.