End a Meeting that is Stuck Running on the Meeting Server

End a meeting that is stuck running on the meeting server

When I try to start my session, I get an error that there is already a meeting in progress.

I can't end my meeting, which is still running on the meeting server.

I'm unable to end my meeting, session, or event.

Unable to end the meeting from the Webex site.

Solution: If you have ended a previous meeting, you may encounter a problem where it is still running on the meeting server, and you cannot find a way to end it.
If you are the meeting host, contact technical support to have your meeting ended on the server. For help, see: WBX162 - How Do I Contact Webex Customer Services or Technical Support?

Information you need to provide when contacting support:

  • Email request from the Host / Partner Support / Cisco Webex Meetings Site Admin
  • Original meeting URL if available (Example: cisco.webex.com)
  • Topic
  • Meeting or session number
  • Date and Time of session


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