When you need time to focus and don’t want any incoming call notifications to disturb you, you need not enable Do Not Disturb (DND) on each of your Webex Calling registered clients. When you enable DND on the Webex App, the state is automatically synchronized to your desk phone. Similarly, when you enable it on your desk phone, the state automatically synchronizes with your Webex App.

When you set DND status on Webex Calling registered clients, you do not get a notification of the incoming call. The DND status on your desk phone is implicitly turned on when you present in a Webex Meeting. The calls go directly to voicemail if the call forward busy setting is configured. The caller hears a busy signal if the voicemail isn’t configured.

To enable DND on Webex App and Multiplatform Phone (MPP), see: Webex App | Let people know you're busy

Control Do Not Disturb (DND) status sync at organizational level in Control Hub

When the user enables DND on the desk phone and it is synchronized to the Webex app, it disables both call and message notifications. If some users do not want message notifications to be disabled, the admin can disable DND synchronization.

To disable DND synchronization:


Log in to the Control Hub https://admin.webex.com


Go to Services > Calling > Client Settings.


In the Do Not Disturb (DND) Status Sync section, toggle to disable the Allow DND to be synchronized.