Download and Embed the Care Template Code

To add the chat interface to your website, download the Care Template code and embed the code on the website.
Before You Begin

Configure a Care template for your organizaton. For more information on how to create a template, see Design Cisco Spark Care Features.

    1 In Cisco Webex Control Hub, select Services, Care, then Features. The Features page displays all available Care templates.
    2 Click Download Embed Code on your chosen Care template. Your embed code is downloaded as Chat_Code_Snippet.txt.

    By default, Care templates work on any domain. To restrict Care template access, add and verify domains for your organization. For more information, see Domain Verification for Customers.

    3 Embed your template code within either the <head> or <body> HTML tag of your web page's source file. The website displays the customer request interface.

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