Bots in Webex

Bots can help to extend the functionality in Webex to include a third-party app. You can add bots to Webex spaces and interact directly with the third-party app from the space. When you've added the bot to the space you can send a help message to the bot and the response includes the commands that the bot supports.

You can add a bot to any type of space. Add a bot to your project space with other people and interact directly with the third-party app in your space. Or you can create a space with just you and the bot to interact with the third-party app.

The Cisco Webex App Hub contains a catalog of bots and apps developed by Cisco and third-party developers.

Cards in Webex

Bots can present information within Webex in various ways. However, using cards makes it easier for users to interact directly with the bot’s response to a command. You can select from drop-down menus, use buttons, and even use text fields to update and gather information.

For more information on the cards framework, see

You can report any issues on the bot with cards to

Add the PagerDuty Bot

Add the PagerDuty bot to a space.


Go to Spaces and choose a space to add the PagerDuty bot.


You can also create a new space with just the PagerDuty bot.


Choose People, click Add People , and then enter the PagerDuty bot name: .


Once added, the bot sends you a welcome message to link to your PagerDuty account.


Click Link PagerDuty Account and add your PagerDuty account information.

You recieve a notification in Webex that your connection is successful.


Select the service for the space by choosing from the drop-down, or searching for the PagerDuty service, and clicking Find.


The PagerDuty bot automatically creates workflow notifications to alert you in this space of New Incident Triggered, Acknowledged, Escalated and Resolved. You can delete these as required by sending a @Pagerduty manage message in the space, and then follow the link provided.

PagerDuty Bot Commands

Once authorized, the PagerDuty bot allows you to trigger new incidents, acknowledge, resolve, and add notes to incidents in PagerDuty from any Webex space at the click of a button.


In the space where the bot is located enter help and send the message. If you're in a space with more than just the bot, @mention the bot, enter help and then send.


Select one of the following commands:

  • create—Create an incident.

  • oncall—See who's on call for a specific service.

  • manage—Manage incident notifications.

  • connect—Connect a service to the space.

Create an Incident Resolution Space

Create and manage incidents in a space using this procedure.


In the space where the bot is located, enter create and send the message. If you're in a space with more than just the bot, @mention the bot, enter create and then send.


In the Create new incident space, enter the Title and Description, and then select the Urgency from the drop-down.


Check Create a resolution space for this incident to create a new space. The resolution space is automatically created in Webex, and the bot automatically adds the PagerDuty team assigned to that service as users to the newly created Webex space.


Click Create.

The created space shows the latest status of the incident, and allows you to change the status or add notes using the following commands in the created space:

Manage PagerDuty Bot Notifications

This procedure allows you to create notifications or edit existing notifications for any PagerDuty bot space.


In the space where the bot is located, enter manage and send the message. If you're in a space with more than just the bot, @mention the bot, enter manage, and then send.


Click on the link provided to go to the PagerDuty notifications dashboard.


From the dashboard, edit existing notifications configured for any space where the PagerDuty bot is a member, or click Add New notification to create a workflow by choosing the type of notification to be alerted to in the space, and the service for the notification.