Before joining a meeting, you can find out a little more about it, like the host's name, meeting number, and agenda.

To view meeting information, do one of the following:

  • If you received an email invitation, select the link in the message to view the meeting information.
  • Go to Meetings > "Meeting name" on your Webex site.

Under the meeting name is the host's name, the time of the meeting, and if the meeting is recurring.

Meeting Information —Has the meeting link, meeting number, password, and agenda if one was entered.

More ways to join —Gives the call-in numbers to connect with a video system or to call-in by phone.

Who is invited? —Shows you the list of invitees.

  • From the text box you can invite more people.

  • Click next to an invitee to open their people insights information if they chose to share it.

  • If you're the host, click next to an invitee to remove them from the meeting or add them as an alternate host .