Download and set up the Cisco Headsets app

Cisco Headsets is a mobile app that lets you update, control, and customize your headset from any iPhone or Android mobile device. You can upgrade your headset, adjust your noise cancellation levels, change your equalizer settings, and manage your headset notifications all from the app interface.

Cisco Headsets app logo on a mobile screen


On your mobile device, open your preferred app store and download Cisco Headsets.


Open Cisco Headsets and follow the app set-up instructions.

Manage your Bluetooth ® connections in the Cisco Headsets app

You can use the Cisco Headsets mobile app to manage your headset Bluetooth ® connections. Your headset can save up to eight Bluetooth devices and maintain an active connection with two at the same time.

On your mobile device, open the Cisco Headsets app.


Tap Connected to at the bottom of the home screen.


Select the device you wish to connect or disconnect.

Personalize your headset name

Tired of the same old headset name showing up in device Bluetooth ® settings? You can personalize your headset name to make it easier to identify in Bluetooth device lists. The name change saves to the headset and appears in any Bluetooth device list. You can return your headset to the default name anytime through the Reset Settings button in the app.

Some devices, such as Windows computers, might not immediately recognize your headset after the name change. To avoid call control issues, forget and re-pair your headset, or restart your computer.

Before you begin

Make sure:

  • Your headset is on

  • Your headset is connected to the Cisco Headsets app

  • Your headset has firmware 1-8-0-213 or later


In the Cisco Headsets app, tap Settings > Device info > Name.


Enter the name you want to appear in Bluetooth device lists.


Tap Save.

Customize your headset equalizer settings

You can customize the blend of bass and treble in your headset audio with the Cisco Headsets mobile app. Choose from three preset audio settings including Voice, Music, and Cinema.

Equalizer settings don't impact call audio quality.

In the Cisco Headsets app, do one of these things:

  • Select one of the Equalizer presets from the home screen.
  • Tap Settings > Audio > Equalizer.

Customize your headset notifications

You can customize which audio notifications you want to hear in your headset.

In the Cisco Headsets app, select your headset and press Settings > Audible Notification.


Select the notification setting you want to change. Your changes save automatically.

Change your audio notification language

You can change your audio notification language through the Cisco Headsets mobile app. Available languages include Chinese (Mandarin), English (US), English (UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Br), Russian, and Spanish.

Your headset resets after you select a new language. Don't move your headset out of range, change audio sources, or plug in either the USB-C or 3.5 mm cable before the reset is complete.


In the Cisco Headsets app, select your headset and press Settings > Audio Notification > Language.


If the Language menu doesn’t appear in the app, contact your headset administrator.


Select the language you wish to hear in your headset.


Select Continue.

Customize your noise cancellation level in the Cisco Headsets app

You can manually adjust how much noise cancellation you hear in your Cisco Headset 730 through the Cisco Headsets app. By default, your headset noise cancellation strength is set to 100%. If you enable Adaptive Noise Cancellation, your headset noise cancellation level automatically adjusts based on your surroundings.

In the Cisco Headsets mobile app, select your headset and press Settings > Audio.


Slide the Noise Cancellation slider left or right to adjust your noise cancellation level.

Toggle dock events on and off

You can end an active call or switch audio to the audio host such as a mobile, desk, or room device, when you place your Cisco Headset 730 or Cisco Headset 720 Series for Microsoft Teams in the charging stand.

You can switch audio back to your headset by removing the headset from the dock. If you connect to calls by using USB HD adapter or through Webex, MS Teams, or Jabber, you can continue audio through your headset in the dock event.

This feature isn't currently available on the Cisco Headset 720 Series for Webex.

In the Cisco Headsets app, tap Settings > General.


Toggle Dock event on or off.

Your selection saves automatically to the headset.

Customize the Cisco Headset 720 Series multifunction button

The Cisco Headset 720 SeriesMultifunction buttonCisco Headset 720 multifunction button enables you to play, pause, and skip audio playback. You can also reprogram the button to activate your voice assistant.

You can set the Multifunction button in the Cisco Headsets mobile app to one of the following settings:

  • Music
    • Single-press—play and pause music
    • Double-press—skip forward
    • Hold—skip back
  • Assistant
    • Single-press—play and pause music
    • Hold—activate voice assistant

In the Cisco Headsets mobile app, tap Settings > General.


Under Multifunction button, choose the button function you want to use with your headset.

Your selection saves automatically to the headset.

Turn your voice activated microphone on and off

Join calls or meetings without worrying about noisy keyboards, pets, or people talking in the background. The voice activated microphone feature turns off your headset microphone when you aren't speaking and seamlessly enables it when you start talking. This feature is enabled by default, but you can disable it through the Cisco Headsets app.

In the Cisco Headsets app, tap Settings > Audio > Voice activated microphone.

Check your headset firmware in the Cisco Headsets app

You can check your current firmware load in the Cisco Headsets app.


The app sends you a prompt when a new firmware version is available.


On your mobile device, open Cisco Headsets.


Select Settings > Device Info.

Update your headset

Firmware updates improve your audio experience or add new functionality to your headset. We recommend that you always install the latest software version to your headset when possible. You can also check for new firmware through the usb-c cable on the Webex App, and on Cisco Accessory Hub.

For information on the latest firmware release, see the Cisco Headset 700 Series release notes.


Connect your headset to your mobile device.


Open the Cisco Headsets app. You'll be prompted to update if new firmware is available.


Follow the on-screen prompts.

It takes about 10-15 minutes to update your headset firmware. Don't exit the app before the update completes.

Reset your headset settings

You can restore your default headset settings with the Cisco Headsets mobile app.

In Cisco Headsets, select Settings > Reset Settings.

Test advance releases of Cisco Headset firmware

We constantly strive to improve and enhance our headsets. The Cisco Headsets app Beta feature gives users a chance to test and provide feedback on headset improvements before they are available to the general public. You can switch back to the regular firmware release version at any time. Click here to review the Beta firmware release notes.


Keep in mind that beta releases aren't fully tested and may contain open issues that we are working to resolve. We make improvements and apply fixes based on customer feedback.


Open the Cisco Headsets app on your mobile device.


Select Settings > Device Info > Beta Test


Press Beta Firmware and select Confirm. The Cisco Headsets app automatically prompts you to update your headset to the latest beta version.