You can change the background whether you're in a call or not.

Virtual backgrounds are not supported on DX70 or DX80 devices.

Background options:

  • Background blur. Keep in mind that the background blur may not cover your background entirely and possibly sensitive information could be visible to others in the video meeting.

  • Computer screen share as background (if your computer is connected to your Desk device)

  • Standard background images

  • Custom background image, if custom images have been uploaded by your administrator. If your Desk device is registered on personal mode, you can upload your own custom backgrounds. Read how to do it here.

To change your background at any time:

  1. Tap the button or swipe from the right side of the screen. In the control panel that opens, tap Background.

  2. You'll see the available backgrounds.

    Select one:

    • no virtual background at all

    • blurred background

    • your own computer screen, when your computer is connected to the device. You'll appear in front of whatever is on your computer screen.

    • a predefined image

  3. Tap anywhere else on the screen to close the right side panel.

To change your background during a call:

  1. Tap the screen to get the call controls and selfview if not already visible. Then tap the background button on your self view.

  2. The available options appear. Choose one, and tap anywhere else on the screen.