This article applies only to shared devices.

By default, your whiteboards and web activity are deleted automatically every day at midnight. With this configuration, you can set up a different cleanup time, or disable the daily cleanups.

To access this configuration, go to the local web interface of the device. Read the Device Settings article for more information on how to access it. When the web interface of the device is opened, navigate to the Setup tab, select Settings , and choose the following configurations:

  • Configuration > RoomCleanup > AutoRun > HourOfDay : Choose when you want the cleanup to occur.

  • Configuration > RoomCleanup > AutoRun > ContentType > WebData : Select daily if you want to delete the browsing activity every day at the set time. This configuration is available only on Desk Pros and Webex Boards that use the web engine.

  • Configuration > RoomCleanup > AutoRun > ContentType > Whiteboards : Select daily if you want to delete the whiteboards every day at the set time.