Downloading the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App

Downloading Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile (iOS)

The app is available in the Apple App Store.

Or scan this code with your device:

Downloading Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile (Android)

The app is available in Google Play.

Or scan this code with your device:

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices, such as the Apple Watch or other smart watches, are automatically installed after the Webex Meetings Mobile app is installed on your mobile device. Wearable devices must be paired with their mobile devices.


This application works wherever Android, iPhone, and iPad devices are supported. It is available for download free from the following sources:

  • Google Play Store

  • Amazon App Store

  • 360 Mobile Assistant

  • HiMarket

  • Ali PP Assistant

  • My App

Adding a 1x1 Personal Room Shortcut Link to your Device

While in your meeting, go to the overflow menu and select “Create shortcut”. This will add a shortcut to your device’s home screen. This is currently supported on Android devices only.

You can also install it by adding it as a widget. Please consult your device’s documentation for information on how to install widgets.

Installing Widgets on your Device

Apple and Android widgets are installed in the same way as other widgets on your device. Please consult your device’s documentation for information on how to install widgets. Then look for “Cisco Webex Meetings” in your list of available widgets.

Once the widget is installed and you are signed in on your app, you should see on your home screen a list of upcoming meetings, as well as shortcuts to scheduling, starting your personal room, and joining a meeting manually. In addition, pressing a specific meeting on the meeting list will take you to a direct join flow into the meeting.

Following Webex on Social Media

From the About screen, you can choose to follow Cisco Webex by tapping the “Follow on Twitter” and “Follow on FB” options.

Uninstalling the Webex Mobile App from your Device

For iOS, you can just long press the app’s icon and tap on ‘x’.

For Android:

  1. Tap on Settings on the home screen.

  2. Tap on Apps.

  3. Tap on the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile app.

  4. Tap Uninstall.

Android Device Permissions

Due to device permissions required by our share screen feature starting from Webex Meetings 9.0, there may be some additional steps you need to follow for uninstallation. Please go to your device’s “Settings->Security->Device administrators” screen. On this screen if “Cisco Webex Meetings” is checked, then please uncheck it and uninstall the app again.


Signing up for a Webex Account

To sign up for a Webex account, please click here.

Calendar and Phone Permissions

The app needs permission to access the calendar so that it can collect your meeting info from your device’s calendar. The app also needs separate permission to access your device’s network state. Without permission to monitor your device's network state, auto call-in does not work.

Microsoft Office 365 Permissions

The mobile app requires permission to access resources in your organization that only an administrator can grant. Please contact an administrator to allow permission to this app before using it.

The Microsoft OAuth client ID is Cisco Webex Meetings - 7a91e319-a65d-4ceb-909b-12203561dbf5.

Known Limitations Using the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App

Please refer to the latest release notes for known limitations, available here for Android and available here for iPad and iPhone.

Mobile Application Management Providers

For information about the Mobile Application Management License Agreement, see

Versions and Specifications

Device Specifications and Requirements for the Webex Mobile App

For Android, see the supported devices and operating systems here.

For iOS, Cisco Webex supports all major iPhones, including the iPhone x, and all major iPads.

Supported Mobile and Wearable Devices

In general, most smartphones and wearable devices that support the minimum requirements will be able to join and start Webex Meetings.

The following iOS devices have been tested and optimized with Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile:

  • All major iPhones, including iPhone x

  • All major iPads

The following Android devices have been tested and optimized with Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile:

  • Samsung Galaxy Series: S8, S7(edge), S6(edge), S5

  • Samsung Note Series: Note8, Note5, Note4, Note3

  • Samsung Tab Series: Pro, S2, S3, N8xx

  • Sony Xperia Series

  • Google Nexus and Pixel Series

  • LG G Series

  • HTC One Series: M8

  • Blackberry Series: PRIV, DTEK50

  • Huawei

  • Xiaomi

The following smartwatches have been tested and optimized for Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile:

  • Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 2

  • LG Watch Urbane

  • Motorola 360

  • Sony Smartwatch 3

  • Huawei Watch

For automatic pairing of your device with Cisco room-based video collaboration endpoints, devices supported include the following:

  • DX80

  • SX10

  • MX300

  • MX300 G2

With TelePresence and OS version:

  • ce8.3.1.3276302

  • ce8.1.1.a8488ee

  • ce9.0.1.783ea87

  • TC7.3.7.01c84fd

The following devices have not been officially verified, but still support proximity:

  • MX200 G2

  • MX700

  • MX800 Single and Dual

  • SX80

  • SX20 Quick Set

  • SX10 Quick Set

The Cisco TelePresence IX5000 immersive system running IX8.1 software also supports Cisco Proximity.


Supported Languages

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile is available in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish (Latin American and Traditional), Russian, and Turkish. All other device languages will default to English.

Scheduling and Starting a Webex Meeting from your Mobile Device

If you have a hosted Webex account and are logged into the app, then you can start your Personal Room instantaneously, or schedule a meeting and invite others to it. Start a scheduled meeting anytime. To start your Personal Room meeting, select “Start Meeting” from the main screen.

To schedule a meeting, from the leftmost "My Meetings" screen press the 'Schedule Meeting' icon at the top of the Meeting pane, then enter your meeting title, meeting password (optional) and your invitees' email addresses.

To start a scheduled meeting, select the meeting from the Meeting pane, and then select 'Start Meeting'.

Webex Training and Webex Events scheduling is currently not supported, and must be scheduled from the desktop.

Joining a Webex Meeting from your Mobile Device

You can join a meeting using one of the following methods:

  • Go to your Webex Meetings invitation email or calendar event and tap the meeting link. If you do not have the app installed, you can also opt to join the audio only.

  • Launch the Webex Meetings app on your mobile device and enter the meeting number.

  • Sign into your Webex account on your mobile device and join from the "My Meetings" screen

  • Tap the upcoming meeting from your added Cisco Webex meetings widget (Android only)

Joining a Meeting from your Native iPhone or iPad Calendar

You can join your meeting from your native iPhone or iPad device calendar by tapping the red handset icon right beneath the topmost meeting time.

Limitations of Joining a Meeting from your Car

Currently, the following devices are not supported for the Ford Applink integration:

  • Moto G5: XT1671, XT1672, XT1676, XT1677

  • Moto G5 Plus: XT1680, XT1681, XT1683, XT1684, XT1685, XT1686, XT1687

Connecting to your Webex Meeting’s Audio from your Mobile Device

When you join a meeting you will have the option to connect to your audio using the Internet or using your phone plan.

If you select to connect using the Internet, you will be immediately connected to the audio, and then muted automatically.

If you select to connect using your phone plan, and your meeting site is enabled for call-back, then you will be called back at a number of your choosing. You will not be muted automatically.

Otherwise, if call-back is not enabled or you decide not to use it, then you can select from a list of call-in numbers.

Telephony maintained until meeting end

For iOS users, the telephony server maintains the conference connection until all users have left the meeting. This means that even if the host leaves a meeting, if other participants remain connected, the audio conference is preserved.

Chatting with Others While Attending your Mobile Webex Meeting

Select the participant's name from the participant list. From the list, you can choose one individual or all participants to chat with. For individual chat, select the participant you want to chat with, and then enter your message in the dialogue box and hit send. Tap the "Chat with Everyone" button at the bottom of the screen to chat with all attendees, then enter your message in the dialogue box and hit send.

Sharing your Screen Using iOS v11 Screen Sharing

You must first set up screen sharing by adding Screen Recording in Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls.

To share your screen in Webex using iOS v11 Screen Sharing:

  1. Open your device's Control Center

  2. Force-touch the Screen Recording icon

  3. Select Webex from the list of apps

  4. Tap Start Broadcast

  5. Return to the Webex app

  6. Tap Start Now on the Share Screen popup

Webex beta iOS screen sharing has the following limitations:

  • iOS v11 or later supported only.

  • VoIP audio is supported only. If you try to screen share while on PSTN audio, the Webex app will stop after approximately 3 minutes.

  • Sharing apps that are currently using a microphone will cause the Webex Audio to stop.

The iOS screen sharing solution is not recording or storing content onto your device, even if the presenter invokes the recording function in the iOS control center.

Setting up Webex to Work with Siri

Go to the Settings > Siri & Search > Webex setup screen. The following switches are available:

  • Search & Siri Commands - Enable this for Siri to include Webex meetings and personal rooms in searches

  • Use with Siri - Enable this to use Webex with Siri

Siri Commands

Use Siri voice commands to launch scheduled Webex meetings, your own Personal Room, or launch someone else's Personal Room even while outside of their Webex application. When looking for meetings, Webex looks for scheduled meeting rooms first, then your own or other peoples' Personal Rooms in your recently-accessed Personal Rooms.

You must have Siri enabled on your device in order to use Siri with Webex. To learn how to enable Siri, see:

Available Commands:

  • “Call my room using Webex” (call your own Personal Room)

  • “Join my room using Webex” (call your own Personal Room)

  • “Call <first name, last name, both> using Webex”

  • “Using Webex call <first name, last name, both>”

  • “Call next meeting using Webex” (Webex searches for a scheduled meeting to join in your upcoming meetings list)

  • “Join next meeting using Webex” (Webex searches for a scheduled meeting to join in your upcoming meetings list)

  • "Launch Webex" (Webex app opens)

  • iOSOS10+ required

  • Scheduled Personal Rooms are not supported

Siri searches the in-app meeting list and recently-access Personal Rooms. If the meeting or personal is not in either of those lists, Siri won't be able to find your meeting.

Shared Webex Video Files

Once presenters share files with below format from the Webex desktop client, mobile device users can see it on their mobile device in the meeting:

File formats supported: asf, asx, avi, mov, mp3, mp4, qt, wma, wmv

If the presenter is attempting to share an unsupported file format, the presenter could try sharing the computer desktop and playing the video file in a small window. However this may result in unrealistic motion, or the window may have to be very small. Additionally, you cannot hear the audio portion of the video.

Augmented Reality (AR) to Present 3D Files

You can place, resize, and rotate virtual object(s) anywhere in your immediate physical area, such as a conference room desk or a factory floor. Then as a presenter you can walk around objects in real-time, showing your attendees the virtual objects in a real-time setting from all angles.

To download sample augmented reality files, see

Currently, only the SCN format is supported. For instructions on creating a SCN file from a CAD drawing file, see

  1. Using the Share Content screen, select the file containing the virtual object.

    Select virtual file

  2. To rotate the object, use two fingers to turn it.

  3. To move the object, use one finger to touch it and move it.

  4. To shrink and enlarge the object, use a two-finger pinch or spread action.

  5. To view the object from other angles, walk or move around it with your mobile device.

Augmented Reality object sharing requires an Phone or iPad with an A9 processor or higher on iOS 11.

The following devices are supported:

  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

  • iPhone SE

  • iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5 or 12.9 first and second generation

  • iPad (2017)

  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

  • iPhone X

Finding Additional Webex Meeting Information from your Mobile Device

Access meeting details from your "My Meetings" screen for your meetings and meetings you are invited to. Select the meeting to see more details.

While in the meeting, to view meeting information tap the overflow menu icon on the top right and choose "Info".

Hosting, Presenting, or Attending an Events Session from your Mobile Device

Attendees who wish to attend an Events session can join from a mobile device and ask questions through the Q&A panel. Events sessions cannot be scheduled or hosted from the mobile app. Panelists can join from a mobile device, answer questions in the Q&A panel, and share content, however they will not be able to join a practice session.

For Events attendees who want to present from a mobile device, they can first get a host using the desktop application to make them a panelist and then take the presenter role from the host.

Hosting or Attending a Training Session from your Mobile Device

You can host/manage training session from your mobile device just as you would in a meeting, including the ability to promote attendees to be a panelist. If you are an attendee, you can also be promoted to panelist. As a panelist you can answer questions from the Q&A. As a host in a Training session, the ability to start a recording is not enabled.

Breakout Sessions

iPad users can join, attend, and present content in Cisco Webex Training Breakout sessions directly from their iPads. The following limitations apply:

  • Video send and receive is not supported.

  • Attendees cannot participate in polling while within a Breakout session. However, they can still return to main training session, to participate in the training session polling.

  • There is no host support in a Breakout session.

Use your Apple Watch / Android Watch

The Apple and Android Watch devices are supported as extensions of your mobile smartphone or tablet. Once the Webex app is installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can simply log into the Webex application itself to start enjoying your watch’s features, assuming that it’s paired with your device. Be sure that Personal Rooms are enabled by your Webex administrator to enjoy the full capabilities that Webex has to offer.

Webex Meetings supports multi-languages on Apple Watch

  • Join the audio for meetings in your Personal Room

  • View the participant list

  • Mute and unmute

With the Webex app on your Android device, from your Android Watch you can:

  • View your meeting list

  • Join the meeting (including audio)

  • Join the Personal Room (including audio)

  • Mute and unmute

  • Leave or end the meeting

To join your meeting’s audio, call in or use VoIP on your Apple or Android watch.

Joining the audio directly from your Apple Watch will prevent you from returning to the Webex Meetings mobile app after the meeting ends.

Mobile Join Notifications

Join notifications are the pop up notifications that appear on your device whenever it is time to join a meeting. Local notifications are available on iOS only. Remote notifications are available for both iOS and Android, but must be requested, as they are not enabled by default.

For the join notifications features to work, you must use Android or iOS Webex mobile app v10.1 or later, with WBS32.8 or later.

Your Webex app setting “Upcoming Meetings” must be on, and your device's notification settings must be on.

Please see the following for limitations:

  • Notifications are only available for logged in users

  • Users will only receive notifications for meetings from the site they are signed into, not other meetings in their meeting list that have been calendar scraped

  • Invitees will still receive join meeting notifications, even when they decline the meeting in their outlook calendar

  • iOS users will continue to receive notifications if they turn off local notifications in their in-app settings but still have notifications in their native device settings turned on

  • Android, notifications will stop appearing if the Webex app is force stopped by the end user

  • Notifications will not appear for devices which do not support or block Google services

  • Notifications will not appear for countries which cannot connect to Google cloud (FCM) (e.g. China)

  • Notification language will not change if the user changes their native device language

  • Notifications are not dismissed until you dismiss them, or you tap to join the meeting

Differences Between Local and Remote Notifications

  • For local notifications, the user must manually open the Meetings app to refresh the notification list. This includes new scheduled meetings, cancelled meetings, changed meeting times or titles, device time zone changes. Notifications reflect the notification list, so notifications may not reflect changes or cancellations. Remote notifications do not require the user to open the Meetings app.

  • For local notifications, when the user manual opens the Meetings app, meeting notifications within 7 days pop up. For repeated meetings, up to 3 notifications pop up. Remote notifications do not have these limitations.

  • There is a limit of 30 local meeting notifications, but no limit for remote notifications.

  • The ‘Use device calendar only’ option only affects local notifications. Remote notifications appear regardless of whether ‘Use device calendar only’ is enabled or not.

    Meetings from the calendar do not show local notifications. This behavior is by design. As a result, when the ’Use device calendar only’ option is enabled using local notifications, the user will not receive any notifications from the Meetings app.

  • Local notifications are supported in Webex Meetings, Webex Events, and Webex Training. Remote notifications are only supported in Webex Meetings.

  • Local notifications supports starting and joining meetings from the notification. Remote notifications do not support this feature.

  • Local notifications display the host's avatar and name, the meeting title, and the meeting time. Remote notifications display the meeting title and the meeting time only.

  • For local notifications, the host receives a notification 5 minutes before the start of the meeting, and at the start of the meeting. Attendees receive notifications at the start of the meeting. Remote notifications appear once 10 minutes before the start of the meeting.

Turning off Join Notifications

For iPhone or iPad:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

  2. Tap Notifications.

  3. Select the Webex Meetings app.

  4. Toggle the Allow Notifications switch to Off.

For Android:

  1. Go to Settings > Sound and Notification > App Notifications.

  2. Tap the Webex Meetings app.

  3. Tap the toggle for Block.

Host Features

Supported Host Capabilities on your Webex Mobile App

Your company's Webex Meetings plan will have a certain number of host licenses. Contact your company’s IT support to find out if you have host capabilities. If you do, you will have the following capabilities:

  • Schedule, start, or cancel meetings

  • Start an instant meeting or Personal Room

  • Invite others to a meeting

  • Make someone else a Host

  • Pass presenter capabilities to another participant

  • Mute and unmute participants

  • Expel a participant from a meeting

  • Start or Pause meeting recordings

  • Share host recordings with others via the recording list

  • Share a file during a meeting (iPhone and iPad only)

  • Share the screen during a meeting (Android only)

  • Promote and Demote panelists (Webex Training)

  • Ask and answer Q&A Panel questions (Webex Training)

Presenting Content from your Mobile Device, While Hosting a Webex Meeting

To share from your iPad or iPhone, see here:

To share from your Android device, see here:

This applies to Cisco Webex Meetings, Cisco Webex Training, Cisco Webex Events, Cisco Webex Meetings Server (on-Premise) and Cisco Webex Meetings Premium plans. Cisco Webex Meetings users can also share files uploaded to a meeting Space.

In addition, if you are the meeting host, you can pass presenter control to another attendee with content/screen sharing capabilities.

Supported Functionality

Supported Functionality

  • Join via join meeting notifications, email invitations or calendar-including Google Calendar and the iOS integrated calendar, Webex meeting number or URL, Webex Meeting List, Cisco Jabber or Cisco Webex Teams

  • Join by voice commands (iOS only)

  • Join from your car

  • Widget support for iPhone, iPad, and Android

  • Easily access your complete meeting list for Cisco Webex Meetings, Cisco Webex Events, Cisco Webex Training, and Personal Rooms

  • Pin and unpin your favorite Personal Rooms for easy access on your signed-in home screen

  • Join the meeting before the host

  • Integrated VoIP audio and web conferencing on Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/5G, and LTE

  • Wideband audio

  • Personal Conferencing Number (PCN) support

  • Video conferencing system call-back support

  • High-quality, multipoint video with camera switcher

  • 720p resolution

  • View who is actively speaking

  • Full-screen video and presentation view

  • View and chat with participants (private or group chat)

  • View shared content with annotations

  • Annotate a screen share (Android) or content share (iOS) simultaneously in realtime while desktop users are annotating on the same content

  • Pinch to zoom and scan

Bluetooth Support

Bluetooth is supported on most devices, with improved support for the following devices (this is a partial list):

  • Samsung S5

  • Samsung S6

  • Lenovo Yoga tablet

  • Nexus 6

Slack Integration

Cisco Webex Meetings now supports integration with Slack. Click here for more info.

Known Limitations of the Meetings App for Android

Cisco Webex Meetings Server (CWMS) Issues

  • Android devices cannot join meetings using CWMS version 2.6 or later. A workaround is to sign in to the application first before attempting to join the meeting.

  • The numeric meeting password does not show up in the Audio tab.

Cisco Webex Meetings Server 3.0 MR2 and 4.0 Compatibility Issues

The mobile meeting app version earlier than 11.2 cannot see video if they join a Cisco Webex Meetings Server (CWMS) meeting. Mobile app version 11.2 and later cannot see video of users on the mobile app versions earlier than 11.2 in CWMS 3.0 MR2 or CWMS 4.0 sites.

No Audio in End-to-End Encryption Meeting

For end-to-end (E2E) encrypted meeting in WBS30 and later, you may not hear audio from desktop applications in VoIP only sessions.

We recommend you upgrade your to the latest version of Webex Meetings.

Long Connection Times in Internal Networks

In Webex Meetings for Android app version 7.5 and later, you may experience longer connection times if you are in an internal network. This may be due to the internal network limiting the connection to the OCSP checking server.

We recommend you upgrade your to the latest version of Webex Meetings.

First Frame of Video Does Not Appear

Depending on the mobility network condition, you may not be able to see the first frame of a video file when it is shared in a meeting.

Temporary Message ‘Shared content not supported’

When a presenter shares a video file in a meeting, the app may show the message, ‘Shared content not supported’ for a short time, up to 6 seconds. The file will eventually display correctly.

Ensure your network connection is configured correctly.

Calendar Meetings Not Appearing in the Meeting List

If your device language and a calendar meeting language are not the same, you may not see the meeting in your in-app meeting list.

Check your device language set of device. If you set your device language to be the same as the meeting language and open the app again, the meeting should appear in the meeting list. You can then set the device language back to your preferrred language.

Incorrect Calendar Meeting Password

If your meeting password contains a space, it may not be correctly displayed in the app. You can still join the meeting without problem.

Unable to Change the Unlock Screen Setting

After you sign in to the Meetings app and you change the unlock screen setting from None to PIN, the optionss None and Swipe are disabled. This is a Google Android known issue.


  1. If you want to change the unlock screen security setting, uninstall the Webex Meetings application


  2. Remove all user credentials by choosing "Clear Credentials" from security settings of your device

Meeting Attendee Name is Displayed Twice

If you used video callback to participant in a meeting, you will see your name displayed twice in the Participant List.

Calendar Meetings Do Not Appear in the Meeting List for Samsung Devices

On some Samsung devices, you may not be able to see your calendar meeting in the app meeting list if your S Planner application version 3.11.57 or earlier.

We recommend you upgrade to the latest version of the S Planner application. We do not support S Planner version 3.11.57 or earlier.

ASUS ZenFone Crash

A crash may occur when connecting to a meeting using an ASUS ZenFone (Intel Atom CPU). This is a common known issue with Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) using an x86-based CPU. We recommend you update your firmware. See:

Video Callback limitations

Once a video system is successfully connected using video callback, some sharing issues may occur when sharing from the same video system.

Upon connecting a video system using video callback, one participant appears twice in the participant list and video strip: one for the original participant, one for the video system.

Performance issue when viewing a shared video file on a slower device

Older DUO-Core CPU devices may experience performance issues when viewing a shared video file.

Audio/Video sync issue

A technical limitation may cause unsynchronized audio and video.

Issue when switching between VoIP and Audio Broadcast

While a video file is being shared, there is an issue with switching from VoIP to Audio broadcast several times.

Meeting detail should not display toll free number as this case

Display toll number site setting not being reflected.

Still list TP meeting after disable TP support on siteadmin

Although TelePresence support is disabled by the site administrator, Cisco Webex OneTouch meeting setup still displays the TelePresence meeting option.

Still can start TP meeting after disable TP support on siteadmin.

Although TelePresence support is disabled by the site administrator, you can still start a TelePresence meeting.

Proximity Integration (Beta)

This integration is not supported for Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Hybrid. It is only supported for CMR Cloud meetings, including Personal Room meetings for CMR Cloud.

Using audio and sharing documents (data) at the same time

If you are using a CDMA network, such as Sprint or Verizon, network limitations prevent you from having a voice call and using data services at the same time. In this case, joining the audio portion of the meeting through a voice call means you won't be able to view updates to the participant list or shared presentations. If you have access to Wi-Fi or 4G networks, you may be able to use voice and data services simultaneously. Alternatively, consider using VoIP (if available on your device) to connect to your meeting audio.

Using VoIP if you don’t see the "Connect Using the Internet" (VoIP) audio option

If the "Connect Using the Internet" (VoIP) option does not appear for you, then your device is not supported by our VoIP solution at this time. This could happen with older devices with lower performance processors, most new high-end devices support VoIP. You can still join the audio via a regular voice call.

Please note that VoIP has been disabled on the original Kindle Fire (based on Android 2.3 and Android 4.x) because the device does not have a system microphone.

Known Limitations of the Meetings App for iOS

Auto connect audio limitations

Audio auto connection will not work if you set an audio connection type in settings is not supported by the meeting audio type.

Auto connecting audio using internet will not work if the meeting audio type is VoIP only and CMR is not enabled.

View shared video files limitations

If you join the audio conference by phone, then you cannot hear the sound from the shared media file.

You can’t see the video portion if the presenter is sharing a FLV file.

The video position maybe not center when switch to the app from the background while SVS is playing.

Video callback limitations

Upon connecting a video system using video callback, one participant appears twice in the participant list and video strip: one for the original participant, one for the video system.

Once a video system is successfully connected using video callback, some sharing issues may occur when sharing from the same video system

Cisco Webex Meetings Server 3.0 MR2 and 4.0 Compatibility Issues

The mobile meeting app version earlier than 11.2 cannot see video if they join a Cisco Webex Meetings Server (CWMS) meeting. Mobile app version 11.2 and later cannot see video of users on the mobile app versions earlier than 11.2 in CWMS 3.0 MR2 or CWMS 4.0 sites.

iOS 9.x security popup dialog box

On iOS 9 and later, if you sign in using SSO or select a Webex meeting link, a popup dialog appears, asking you to “Open this page in ‘Webex.”

Watch OS1 not supported

To use this version of the Webex Meetings app for Apple Watch, upgrade to Watch OS2.

Personal Room lobby and lock room backward-compatibility issue

If a host is using a version of the iOS app that does not officially support Personal Rooms (earlier than Webex Meetings for iPad and iPhone v7.0), the host cannot manage participants in the lobby, even if the participants are on the latest version of the application.

Webex app will get disconnected on a Verizon phone after telephony is connected

If your carrier does not support voice and data simultaneously, you are disconnected after joining the audio conference using telephony.

Video experience for Webex video

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can only view video from TelePresence systems in active speaker mode. If you are using iOS on a mobile data or cellular network, TelePresence systems cannot see video.

Webex VoIP disconnects when receiving phone calls

If you are using an iPhone using VoIP (using Wi-Fi or mobile data networks) or audio using “Connect using Internet,” and you receive a phone call, the VoIP audio session is disconnected. You can reconnect to the audio session.

Chat with TelePresence

Chat with TelePresence participants is not available.

Audio/Video sync issue

A technical limitation may cause unsynchronized audio and video.

Meeting detail still displays toll-free number when disabled from site setting

The app displays the toll number even if the site setting is for it to not be displayed.

Still list TelePresence meeting options

Although TelePresence support is disabled by the site administrator, Cisco Webex OneTouch meeting setup still displays the TelePresence meeting option.

TelePresence meetings can be started even after TelePresence support is disabled

Although TelePresence support is disabled by the site administrator, you can still start a TelePresence meeting.

Proximity Integration (Beta)

This integration is not supported for Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Hybrid. It is only supported for CMR Cloud meetings, including Personal Room meetings for CMR Cloud.

Windows Phone

Cisco Webex no longer supports Windows Phone.

BlackBerry 10 Devices

Cisco Webex no longer supports Blackberry 10.

Support and Troubleshooting

Retrieving your Username or Password

If you can’t remember your username, try one of the following:

  • Your full email address

  • The first part of your email address before the domain (

  • If your organization uses Single Sign-On, your username will be the same as your network login.

Webex Technical Support cannot reset your password. If you are unable to log in after following the steps above, contact your organization's Webex site administrator. You should be able to reach your site administrator through your organization’s computer support or IT department. Contact information for your Webex site administrator may also be included in the password reminder email.

Cached Credentials

Your credentials are cached to allow an easier meeting join experience. Depending on your site type, settings control how long these credentials are cached:

  • For single sign-on (SSO) sites, you are signed out a certain number of hours after you sign in.

  • For non-SSO sites, you are signed out a certain number of hours after you sign in, unless you join, start, or schedule a meeting before the end of this period, in which case, the time resets to zero again.

Consult your site administration to learn how many days your site retains cached credentials.

If you want to clear your credentials from the cache sooner, you can manually sign out of the Meetings app.

Cross-Launching a Meeting from Slack and Microsoft Skype

In order to cross-launch into the Cisco Webex Meetings app from within Slack or Skype, you must first change the browser settings for the Slack or Skype app to enable in-app browsing.

Contacting Technical Support

To access technical support, please use a desktop computer to navigate to the site you are attempting to join a meeting on (for example, From the left navigation pane, select Support > Help > Help and Support Resources.

Meeting List Synchronization

In order to see all of your upcoming Webex meetings in the My Meetings pane, we recommend that the calendar in your mobile device be configured to synchronize with your organization's mail server (for example, Microsoft Exchange Server). Please contact your company’s IT administrator for instructions on how to do this.

Please click here for additional details.

Incorrect Notification Times and Missing Notifications

If a meeting is cancelled, the notification for it remains in your notification list until the Meetings app is opened and the notification list is updated.

If you have changed time zones (for example, you have travelled to a new time zone) and have not opened the Meetings app, the notification will still keep the original time string, even if you receive the notification at the correct new local time.

If you switch time zones, we recommend you manually open your Meetings app once you have arrived in the new time zone in order to refresh your notification list.

Meetings are only refreshed up to seven days in advance each time the Meetings app is opened.

Simultaneous Audio and Data

In most cases, phone networks are able to provide voice and data services simultaneously. If you are unable to use voice and data in a Webex meeting at the same time, ensure your device is VoLTE enabled. Alternatively, consider using VoIP (if available on your device) to connect to your meeting audio.

Switching Audio to your Connected Device on iOS

If audio has not yet been connected, users will see output-only devices listed, such as Bluetooth or Airplay devices without microphones). In these cases, audio will continue to function from the iOS device speaker, not the selected output-only device.

This feature is supported on OS 11.X and above only.

Allowing the Webex app to access to your iPhone calendar

We recommend granting Microsoft Outlook access to your iPhone calendar prior to granting the Webex Meet app access to your iPhone calendar.

To check if the Webex application has calendar access:

  1. Go to your iPhone device settings

  2. Check the settings for the Webex Meet app.

  3. Ensure that the setting for calendar access is enabled.

Once access is granted, you can check your iPhone calendar to view your upcoming meetings.

Audio Loss when Leaving the Meeting App

There is a known limitation using "Call in" or "Call Back" to dial into the meeting, where the iOS app disconnects you from an ongoing Webex meeting whenever you leave the meeting app, even if you are still connected to the audio. To ensure that you remain connected to the Webex meeting, it is recommended that you remain in the app.

If you use "Connect over Internet", you can exit the app, and you will stay connected as expected.

Difficulty Locating a Proximity Device

Contact your IT department to ensure that the endpoint supports Webex proximity, and that it is enabled on the video system.

Unsupported Device Message

If you see a warning dialog that says ‘Your device is not supported with the Cisco Webex Meetings application’, it means we have certified your device and found some critical issues with it. We do not recommend using this device for Cisco Webex Meetings. Critical issues include application instability, missing system patch, a user or software has Super Admin access (your phone was “rooted”), or lack of necessary components.

Preventing the "Open this meeting in Webex" Dialog

Users may receive a confirmation dialog displays when they tap to join the meeting. This means they have to provide an extra tap to join.

To prevent this, users can touch and press ("long press") the join link in their meeting invitation and then select "Open in Webex." The device remembers this selection and no longer displays the confirmation dialog.

Turning off Join Meeting Notifications on your iPhone or iPad

To turn off notifications, you can navigate to your device's settings and scroll down the Webex app. Under "Allow Webex to Access", press on Notifications and then turn off the "Allow Notifications" toggle.

Forced Reinstallation of the Webex App

Application security is handled differently starting with iOS 10.3.1. When you join a meeting and are asked to 'Open this page in "Webex"' click Open to join.

Unable to Join a Meeting

WBS version 29 and later use Webex video-enabled meeting and Personal Rooms. For security reasons, these services are not enabled on Cisco Webex Meetings for iOS versions earlier than 9.5, and Android versions earlier than 9.5. If you receive a message saying that the site version is incompatible with your device, check to see if the meeting uses Webex video or is a Personal Room.

Configuring and Using Audio-Only Meeting Join Links

For information on using audio-only meeting join links, see

Mute and Unmute from the Lock Screen

Mute and unmute functionality from the lock screen is only available for devices connected using VoIP.

Touch ID

Touch ID only works in non-single-sign-on (non-SSO) sites, only on iOS versions later than 9.0, and Android devices that support it.

You must enable Touch ID in your iPad or iPhone before it will work with the Meetings app. To learn how to set up and use Touch ID on your device, see

Handing off Meetings to Windows from your Android device

Handoff your ongoing meeting from your Android phone to your Windows laptop. Audio is automatically switched between devices, for both PSTN and VoIP.


  • New Desktop Application WBS33.6 or later required

  • Android and Webex Desktop app must be logged into the same account

  • Android Phone needs speaker to be enabled

  • Desktop device must have an enabled microphone

  • Users may need to disable their noise cancellation setting Beam Forming on their Windows device

  • Mobile device will have their speaker temporarily enabled (user will be prompted if user is on headphones)

  • Meeting handoff will take 20-30 seconds, during which meeting will be audible to users

  • If the desktop application is paired to a nearby endpoint device (such as a DX80), then the handoff prioritizes connecting its audio to that device first, instead of to your VoIP or PSTN audio

Handing off Meetings to the Desktop from your iPhone

The hand off from iPhone to desktop feature was deprecated due to known issues and results of further testing.

Shared Content from your Device not Captured in non-Webex Video MP4 Recordings

There are some situations where content shared from your device is not captured in network-based recordings (NBR) that are not Webex Video-based:

  • If your mobile device host is on version 9.13 or earlier and you share from your device, and you try to record the meeting from your device, the shared content is not captured.

  • If your mobile device is using version 9.13 or earlier, and you share from your device, and a host on a desktop version of the application tries to record the meeting, the shared content is not captured.

However, if the desktop application presenter shares from a laptop or desktop and then clicks record, and there is a mobile attendee using version 9.13 or earlier, then this share will still be captured in the NBR recording.

This limitation does not apply to ARF recordings or to Webex Video MP4 recordings.