Speed dial calls

If you make frequent calls to specific phone numbers, you can set up your handset for speed dials. The speed dials help to press a key instead of entering the phone number. You can set up to 8 speed-dial numbers.

Assign a speed dial number

You can assign a speed-dial number to a contact. You assign speed dials to entries 2 to 9. Entry 1 is used for your speed dial to voicemail.

Before you begin

You need at least one contact in your Contacts list.


Press Contacts.


Highlight the contact.


Press More.


Select Speed Dial.


If you don't have an empty speed-dial index entries, highlight a number you don't need, and press Delete.


Highlight an empty speed-dial index and press Add.


Press Power/End .

Speed dial numbers

When you dial a number on your phone, you enter a series of digits. When you set up a speed dial number, the speed dial number must contain all the digits you need to make the call. For example, if you need to dial 9 to get an outside line, you enter the number 9 and then the number you want to dial.

You can also add other dialed digits to the number. Examples of additional digits include a meeting access code, an extension, a voicemail password, an authorization code, and a billing code.

The dial string can contain the following characters:

  • 0 to 9

  • Pound (#)

  • Asterisk (*)

  • Comma (,)—This is the pause character, and gives a 2 second delay in the dialing. You can have several commas in a row. For example, two commas (,,) represent a pause of 4 seconds.

The rules for dial strings are:

  • Use the comma to separate the parts of the dial string.

  • An authorization code must always precede a billing code in the speed dial string.

  • A single comma is required between the authorization code and the billing code in the string.

  • A speed dial label is required for speed dials with authorization codes and additional digits.

Before you configure the speed dial, try to dial the digits manually at least once to ensure that the digit sequence is correct.

Your phone does not save the authorization code, billing code, or extra digits from the speed dial in the call history. If you press Redial after you connect to a speed dial destination, the phone prompts you to enter any required authorization code, billing code, or additional digits manually.


To set up a speed dial number to call a person at a specific extension, and if you need an authorization code and billing code, consider the following requirements:

  • You need to dial 9 for an outside line.

  • You want to call 5556543.

  • You need to input the authorization code 1234.

  • You need to input the billing code 9876.

  • You must wait for 4 seconds.

  • After the call connects, you must dial the extension 56789#.

In this scenario, the speed dial number is 95556543,1234,9876,,56789#.

Make a speed dial call

After you set up the speed dial, as described in Assign a speed dial number, you can make a speed dial call. Speed-dial indexes are the numbers 2 to 9.


If you have your home number in your local contacts, you can assign it the speed-dial index 9. Then when you press and hold the 9 key, the handset automatically dials your home.

Before you begin

You need the speed dial index for the contact.


Press and hold the number on the keypad corresponding to the speed-dial index.


Release the key when the call starts to dial.

View your speed dial list


Press Menu .


Select F-Keys .


Press More.


Select Speed dial.