Click Answer when you’re ready to answer the call, or Decline if you're not. If the call is coming from another Webex Teams user, then you can also select Message to decline the call and send a message directly to the person in the app.


When you answer a call from another person who is using Webex Teams, the call starts with your video on.

If you're connected to a Cisco headset, you can also answer or decline the call from the headset. For more information, see Make and Answer Calls using the Cisco Headset 730 or Use Your Cisco Headset 500 Series.

If you're set up with Calling in Webex Teams (Unified CM) and you answer the call on your desk phone with video support, you can see the person's screen share on your phone. If your phone doesn't support video, you can see the shared screen on your desktop app.


Tap Accept when you’re ready to answer the call or Decline if you're not.


Swipe right from the lock screen to answer the call when the device is locked.


To switch to speakerphone, tap More , and then select Audio Settings.

When you answer a Webex Teams call you'll have the option of answering the call with video or with audio only. If your screen is locked, unlock the screen before you answer the call.


Tap to answer the call with video, or tap to answer the call with audio only.


Tap if you want to decline the call.


To switch to speaker, tap More .

Click when you’re ready to answer the call, or to decline the call.