Call Park Extension Set Up Process

Call park extensions are used to park and retrieve calls between users within the same organization. These extensions are assigned to the monitoring list of users, and aren’t associated with any physical device. To set up call park extensions, select the Places entitlement during the Cisco Commerce Workplace (CCW) ordering process, which is available at no cost for this use only.​ Users and Workspaces (formerly Places) must be configured in Control Hub.

The line statuses of call park extensions display on the line keys that you configure. For example, if the line key is off then the line is available, and if the line key is on then a call is parked on it. Call park extensions show on the line key buttons of Cisco IP Phones with Multiplatform Firmware after the primary and shared lines.​

Follow the sequence of steps below to set up call park extensions.

  1. Complete the appropriate order during the CCW ordering process.

  2. Sign into your customer’s organization and add users.

  3. Follow the steps below to create a Workspace without a device.

  4. Set up monitoring to use with call park extensions.

Create a Workspace Without a Device


From the customer view in, go to Workspaces and select New Workspace.


Enter a name for the workspace (such as the name of the physical room), select room type and add capacity. Then click Next.


Choose Other Cisco Webex device and select Next.


Select Cisco Webex Calling and choose Next.


Add an extension and select Next.


Click the x to close the Activation Code window.