Voice Keyboard

The following is a description of how to use your visual keyboard.

  • To scroll through the characters, move your head left and right.

  • To enter a character, say the corresponding word beneath the letter that you wish to enter. For example, to enter the letter b, say Bravo.

  • You can enter multiple letters at one time by saying the corresponding words together. For example, to enter the name Becky, say Bravo Echo Charlie Kilo Yankee.

  • To change how you enter data into text fields, say A B C mode, Symbols or Numbers.

  • When you've finished entering your text, say the submit action command that's on the screen. For example, in the example shown above, the submit action is Submit.

  • To clear your entry, say Backspace to remove the last letter or Cleartext to clear all.

  • To undo the last entry, say Undo.

The character doesn't need to be visible on the screen to be entered.

Use Dictation

Dictation allows you to use natural language to input information.


To show more input options, say More options.


To switch to dictation mode, say Dictation.


Say the words that you want to enter.


You can say dot com to enter the text .com.


When you've completed your dictation, the HMT displays the rendered text on screen.

Voice commands

Sign in

Voice Command


Scan code

Authenticates using a QR code

Enter username and password

Authenticates using a username and password

Main functions

Voice command



Display menu options

Webex Help

Descriptions for commonly used commands

Send Logs

Upload logs from the device


Sign out from Expert On Demand

Previous page / Next page

Navigates to 1 page left / right


Searches your direct spaces and lists contacts


Searches your group spaces


Displays existing teams

Select item <item number>

Selects item associated with the specified item number


Search for direct spaces, teams, or team members

Request help (from selected team)

Sends a request for help to all team members

Make call

Makes a call to the selected contact

Request help (from selected contact)

Sends a request for help to the selected contact

Cancel call

Cancels a call


Voice command


Show controls / Hide controls

Shows and hides the controls menu

Manual focus

Switch to manual focus mode

Focus point 1…9

Select a focus point on screen

Auto focus

Switch to auto focus mode

Exposure level 1…5

Changes exposure level

Volume level 1…5

Changes volume level

Zoom level 1…5

Changes zoom level

Take photo

Takes a photo of the current camera view


Starts annotation mode


Opens the annotation color menu


Opens the annotation shape menu

Pause / Resume call

Pauses the audio and video signal until the call is resumed

Take screenshot

Takes a screenshot of shared screen

Join call

Join a scheduled call

End call

Ends the call


Accept an unscheduled call


Reject an unscheduled call

Keyboard commands

Voice command



Switches keyboard to alphabet keyboard to enter letters


Switches keyboard to number keyboard to enter numbers


Switches keyboard to symbol keyboard to enter symbols

Abc mode

Switches keyboard to ABC Mode keyboard

Show options / Hide options

Shows and hides keyboard options

Secure entry

Switches entry mode to secure

Normal entry

Switches entry mode to normal


Activates dictation and enters text based on speech recognition

Scan code

Scans QR code

Flashlight on / off

Switches On / Off flashlight

Close keyboard

Closes keyboard


Deletes the last character

Clear text

Clears text in the input box


Undoes the last entry


Accepts the information entered

File sharing

Voice command



Select files previously shared in the space

Send Files

Select files from your local storage

Select item <item number>

Select a specific file

Previous page / Next page

Navigates to 1 page left / right when selecting files, or navigates through the pages of a document


Pause a video


Stop and close the video player


Replay a video after it finishes


Rewind a video 10 seconds

Fast Forward

Forward a video 10 seconds

Zoom level 1…5

Changes zoom level when viewing content


Share the content in a space or with a meeting host


Download a file to your local storage

Global commands

Voice Command


Navigate home

Navigates to home screen

Navigate back

Navigates to previous screen

My controls

Navigates to system control panel

Mute microphone

Temporarily mutes the microphone

My notifications

Opens notification section

Recent applications

Opens applications running in the background

Show help

Displays a pop-up window with help for commands associated with the current screen