You can upgrade your Cisco Headset 500 Series, Cisco Headset 730, or Cisco Headset USB HD Adapter on Cisco Accessory Hub. This tool enables you to upgrade and check your headset firmware through your web browser. It automatically checks your headset model and current firmware version. It gives you the option to upgrade your headset when there is a newer firmware version available.

You can also upload an older firmware version from your PC desktop. Download the zipped firmware files from the Cisco Software Download page and extract the .ptc firmware files. Headset models match to each .ptc file by name. Use the following table as a guide:

Table 1. Headset Firmware Files


Headset Model


Cisco Headset 520 and 530 Series


You can only upgrade to new firmware versions from firmware version 2.3(1) or later. You can downgrade from 2.3(1), but Accessory Hub won't be able to detect your headset after it downgrades to the older firmware.


Cisco Headset 560 Series


Cisco Headset 730


Cisco Headset 730 USB Adapter

Before you begin

You need Google Chrome version 92 or later to access this feature.


Connect your headset or USB adapter to a USB port on your computer.


In Google Chrome, go to


Click Next and select your headset in the pop-up window.


Do one of the following:

  • Select the most recent firmware version from the cloud.
  • Upload an older firmware version from your PC desktop.

Click Start Upgrade.