To access the startup wizard for a previously configured Room Navigator, perform a factory reset. Long-press the name in the upper left corner of the touch controller screen to get this option.

  • Room booking is only available for shared devices.

  • Room booking is available for cloud registered devices.

  • Room booking is available for devices linked with Edge for Devices when cloud-managed software upgrade and Allow Control Hub to manage configurations is enabled.

To configure the Webex Room Navigator for room booking, go through the startup wizard.


Pair the touch controller to the room device as described in Connect Touch Controller to a Room Device or Webex Board Over the Network (LAN).


Set the Device type to Room Booking.

Device type panel

Select whether the Room Navigator is located inside or outside a room.

Location panel

This relates to how sensor data is collected and provided to Control Hub (e.g., temperature, humidity, air quality). When the device is located outside the room, the sensor data is not mixed with the sensor data from inside the room.

Factory reset

You might need to perform a factory reset in order to pair the Room Navigator with a different room device or to configure it as a controller.

When the Room Navigator is in Room Booking mode, find the factory reset option by pressing and holding (5-6 seconds) on the room name in the upper-left corner of the screen.

When you tap Factory Reset, you'll be asked to confirm your selection before the Room Navigator is restored to factory settings.

Factory reset