Create a poll

Slido is available in Webex Meetings and Webex Webinars. You can use Slido in Webex Meetings on version 41.6 and later sites, and in Webex Webinars on version 41.9 and later sites. Slido polls and Q&A in webinars are available for up to 10,000 attendees, while quizzes are available for up to 5,000 participants.

You can create polls or create surveys before or during a meeting or webinar. These instructions are for creating a poll during a meeting or webinar.

To create a poll before a meeting or webinar, go to, click Log In > Log in with Webex, and enter your Webex username and password. Then, create a poll, quiz, or a survey. Polls that you create on are listed for use in Meetings or Webex Webinars.


During a meeting or webinar, go to Apps > Slido. In Webex Suite Platform click the three vertical dots > Slido (polling and Q&A).


Select an existing Slido or create a new one.

When you create a Slido, it has the same name as the name of the meeting or webinar. For Personal Room meetings, the name format is Meeting DD/MM/YYYY.


Click + Add new interaction and choose the type of poll you want to create.


Type your question.

Your question can contain up to 256 characters.


If you're creating a multiple choice, quiz, or ranking poll, enter the answers that you want participants to choose from.


(Optional) Select the options for the type of poll you're creating:


Multiple choice

Mark correct answer—Select this option and then choose one or more options as the correct answer. Then, you can show the correct answer to participants after they've answered the question.

Allow to select multiple options—Allow participants to select more than one answer.

Word cloud

Allow multiple answers—Allow participants to enter more than one response.

Enable profanity filter—Filter out answers that include inappropriate words. The profanity filter supports English words only.

Set character limit—Enter the number of characters each answer can contain. The maximum is 1000 characters.


Enable timer—Enter the amount of time participants have to answer the question. The maximum is 300 seconds.


Select the maximum number of stars that participants can give.

Open text

Allow multiple answers—Allow participants to enter more than one response.


Set required number of options to rank —Select the number of options you want participants to rank, otherwise they have to rank all the options.

Randomize options—Put the options in a random order for each participant.


Test your poll: Activate the poll or activate the quiz and submit your responses. If necessary, edit the poll.

When you're finished testing, reset the poll results. Delete the poll if you created it for testing purposes only.