Your phone comes with everything you need to power it up, connect it to the network, and set it up on your desk.

After the phone connects to the network, the phone startup process begins, and the phone registers with the server.

After the phone connects, it determines if a new firmware load should be installed on the phone.

If you'd like to see a graphic overview of these steps, see the Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series Installation Guide.


Plug the long, straight end of the handset cable into the phone and plug the other end into the handset.


Connect the network cable from your network to the network port on the phone.


Connect the footstand and adjust the angle of the phone.

  1. Insert the connectors into the slots.

  2. Press the footstand until the connectors snap into place.

  3. Adjust the angle of the phone.


Plug in the external power supply.


Monitor the phone startup process. This step verifies that the phone is configured properly.


Allow the phone to upgrade to the current firmware image.


Make calls with the phone to verify that the phone and features work correctly.