What’s Available When Webex Optimized Experience Is Enabled
  • Two-way whiteboarding in Webex Meetings

  • Media through Webex Video Platform 2.0, including Hybrid Video nodes

  • Advanced Mute

    • Mute on entry

    • Unmute all

    • Allow attendees to unmute

  • Cohost

    • Device gets a cohost role when the paired device joins

    • Certain host actions are available

  • Lock Meeting

    • The host can lock a Personal Room or scheduled meeting

  • Transfer Host and Leave

  • Face Recognition

Call Routing

Webex optimized meetings call routing is used in the following cases. In all other cases, the device uses SIP call routing.

  • When a meeting is joined using the Join Webex button. This always uses Webex when the configuration Webex Meetings JoinProtocol is set to Webex.

  • When a Personal Room meeting is joined using Webex Assistant. This always uses Webex, similarly to the Join Webex button.

  • When a meeting is joined from the Call menu with a Webex SIP URI. The device automatically detects Webex meetings from the SIP URI and connects natively to them.

  • When a call is started using xCommand Dial, and the Number parameter matches a Webex site. If the configuration Webex Meetings JoinProtocol is set to Webex, the device automatically detects Webex meetings by examining the number, and connects natively to them. (If Protocol field is specified, that is used regardless of the number format.)

  • Calls from connected Cisco Proximity and Webex apps are routed according to the type of meeting is started or joined. (On-premises connectivity needs to be enabled.)

Recommendations Requirements

To enable Webex optimized experience, the device must be:

You also need to enable the same firewall configurations that apply for fully cloud-registered devices. Read more about media and network requirements in the Network Requirements for Webex Services article.

  • Direct inbound calling from Webex app to the device is not supported.

  • Multipoint Mode should be set to Auto. If the device is running RoomOS version and later, Multipoint mode can be set to either Cisco Unified CM ad-hoc conferencing or MultiSite and still have Join protocol set to Webex. Adding participants works the same way as for cloud-registered devices.

  • Out-of-call whiteboard strokes are treated the same way as out-of-call strokes on a Webex registered device. Some of the stroke information is sent to the Board service in the Cisco Webex cloud.

  • Room Panorama devices are currently not supported.

  • Calling into Webex Events as a panelist or presenter from a device with Webex Optimized Experience enabled isn't supported.

Enable Webex Optimized Experience


From the customer view on https://admin.webex.com, go to Devices and select the device or devices you wish to configure.


Select All Configurations and set the following configuration:

  • Webex Meetings JoinProtocol: Webex

If the device is running a software version earlier than RoomOS, make sure that Cisco Unified CM ad-hoc conferencing and MultiSite are disabled.

The configurations are applied the next time the device goes to standby, or when it reboots. You can reboot a device with xCommand SystemUnit Boot.