• Currently only available in the US and Canada

  • Only available for Webex Calling with Cisco Calling Plans

Send a text message

If you need to send a text message, you can add text or emoji's to your message in the app and send it to somebody's mobile number.

Text message spaces

When you send or receive a text message, a space is created in the space list. There are some differences between a text message space and other spaces, the right-click menu on desktop or long press menu on mobile have different menu items and you'll see that content you can share in the spaces is limited in the text message space.

Read a new text message

When you share your number with people, they can send a text message from their mobile device and you'll receive the message in a new space. Click the space to read their message.

Mark a new text message as unread

You can mark a new text message as unread, this is helpful if you want to switch to another space before continuing your conversation. In the space list it'll be highlighted again as having unread messages.

Call from a text message

Instead of replying to a text message, you can call the number directly from the space. Click Audio to start an audio call or Video to start a video call.

Respond to a call with a text message

For an incoming call, you can choose Send a text, to reply with a text message instead of answering the call.

Add custom contacts

When you send or receive a message from a number, you can right-click that space and choose Add a custom contact. Fill in their details, and next time you can search for their name to send them a message.

New filter for text messages

To quickly view all your spaces with text messages, click Filter by and choose Texts.

Hide messages

If you receive spam messages or have some less important spaces, you can hide these from your spaces list. Right-click on a space in the spaces list and choose Hide.

To check messages in the hidden spaces at any time, click Filter by and choose Hidden.

Icon for text messages

You'll see an icon that indicates you can send text messages to that person.

This icon appears in Webex App for mobile, when you search in the app with a contact name, on the contact card, and on the call history list. In Webex App for Mac, when you search in the app with a full number.

The following are some of the known issues that we are working through and hope to include in future releases.

  • Webex App on Mac quits unexpectedly when you attempt to send a text message to a custom contact when you search in the app header.

  • No error message is shown on Webex App on Windows when you send a text message to an invalid or international number using the app header.

  • The text message icon is available on the Profile and Contact card on Webex App for Windows and Mac, but is not working.

  • The text message icon appears on the Calling tab on Webex App for Windows, but is not working.

  • The Text back option only works when you receive an incoming call from somebody who is not added as a contact