When wireless connection is enabled for a device, you can change between wired and Wi-Fi connection on the touch interface. To use the Wi-Fi, disconnect the Ethernet cable first.

You can connect to Wi-Fi if your network uses one of these security types:

  • Open

  • Personal

    • WPA2-PSK-CCMP128(AES)

    • WPA2-PSK-SHA256-CCMP128(AES)

    • WPA2-FT-PSK-CCMP128(AES)

    • WPA3-SAE-CCMP128(AES)

  • Enterprise

    • WPA2-802.1x-CCMP128(AES)

    • WPA2-802.1x-SHA256-CCMP128(AES)

    • WPA2-FT-802.1x-CCMP128(AES)

    • WPA3-802.1x-SHA256-CCMP128(AES)

    • WPA3-FT-802.1x-CCMP128(AES)

The following IEEE 802.1x types are supported for Enterprise:






Network administrators should also read this article , for best practices to follow when configuring a Wi-Fi connection.

The wireless network must show at least three bars on the screen, for the connection to be sufficiently stable. You can't join networks that require sign-in through a landing page.

The system only remembers one network at a time. If you change between different networks, you have to type in the passphrase again.


Open the control panel on your device by swiping from the right or tapping the button. Then tap Device settings .


Scroll to Network and service and tap Network connection .

On the next screen tap Wi-Fi . If Wi-Fi is off, tap the toggle to turn it on.


Select the Wi-Fi you want to connect to. If the network is hidden, tap Join other network and set up the Wi-Fi manually.


Type in the username and passphrase as required. Tap the right arrow to start the connection process.


When finished, tap the left arrow to go back to the Settings screen. Then tap the close button or somewhere outside the Settings window to close it.

Once connected, you can access the Wi-Fi settings and check the network status at any time, including during a call. Open the control panel, tap Device settings , go to Settings > Network connection > Wi-Fi , and then tap the connected network name. On the next screen tap Advanced Wi-Fi details to see the network's status.