You can share the same phone number with one or more of your coworkers. For example, as an administrative assistant, you may be responsible for screening calls for the person that you support.

You can also have multiple phones that share the same number.

The shared phone number can be configured to appear on a maximum of 35 devices, including desktop or mobile app uses by the user.

When you share a phone number, you can use that phone line just like any other line. Keep in mind a few special characteristics about shared lines:

  • The shared phone number appears on all phones that share the number.

  • Shared lines can barge into an active call:

    • If autobarge is enabled, the shared line going off-hook triggers cBarge.

    • If autobarge is disabled, the shared line dials **6 to trigger cBarge.

  • With the privacy feature, if you share a line with other people, you can prevent them from adding themselves to your call.

    • During an active call, press **8 to enable the privacy feature.

    • During an active call, press **9 to disable the privacy feature.