Disable Self-Registration and Sideboarding

We make it easy for users to try Webex for themselves, or to share it with others, simply by using their email addresses.

We also recognize that there are situations where you want more control of the user onboarding process, so we provide an option to prevent users from signing up if their email address is from one of your domains.

For a discussion of the potential problems with self-registration, see Ways to Add Users to your Control Hub Organization

Before you begin

You cannot prevent users from self-registering with your domain unless you have claimed your domain.


Sign in to Control Hub at https://admin.webex.com.


Go to Organization Settings and find the Self-Registration section.

The control is disabled if you have not claimed any domains.


Move the slider to disable self-registration.

Users will not be able to self-register if they use an email address like username@your-claimed-domain.org.

What to do next

Read Ways to Add Users to your Control Hub Organization to find the best option for bringing users into your Webex organization. You may also want to read how to Assign Organization Account Roles to grant people the rights to manage users.