Before You Delete Your Organization

Partners can’t delete organizations for their customers. Only customer administrators can delete their own organizations.

As a full administrator, if you've signed up for a Webex services trial from, or if a partner created a trial for you, then you can delete your organization from the Cisco identity service. After you decide that you want to delete your account, you must then decide what to do with your users. If your organization has more than one user, you can either delete those users or move them to their own individual accounts, where they each have access to a free Webex license.

Deleting your organization will result in data loss and is irreversible.

Deleting your organization permanently deletes all of the information associated with your organization. You'll lose data like Webex messages and files, and all Webex Meetings data including Webex Meetings URLs and meeting recordings. Even if you move your users over to a free license, their data associated with Webex or Webex Meetings is purged. For a free license, only content in spaces between two people is retained.

Your organization must meet one of the following criteria in order to be deleted:

  • It only has expired partner-led trials, and no other types of subscriptions.

  • It only has active or expired online trials, and no other types of subscriptions.

  • It only has free subscriptions, and no other types of subscriptions.

  • It has no subscriptions at all, whether they're active or suspended.

Deleting an organization may fail with a HTTP 409 Conflict response and you may encounter one or more of these errors. Resolve these conditions to allow the delete to succeed.

  • Org cannot be deleted as it has Linked sites.

  • Org cannot be deleted as it has active subscriptions or licenses.

  • Org cannot be deleted as Directory Synchronization is enabled.

  • Org cannot be deleted as it has more than 1 user.

  • Org cannot be deleted as it has more than 1 managed by relationship.

  • Org cannot be deleted as it has managed orgs.

Delete Your Organization

If you're a full administrator of an organization with only free subscriptions, you'll get a pop-up when you sign in that gives you a choice to either Delete Organization or Remind Me Later.

You'll get an error if you're trying to add users who used their e-mail address to create a trial account. The users have to delete their organization first before you're able to add them to your organization.


From the customer view in, go to Management > Account and then click the Info tab.


In the Delete Organization from Cisco's identity system section, click Delete Organization.


In the Delete Organization window, choosing one of the following to manage your users:

  • Convert to individual user accounts with free Webex licenses.
  • Delete users.


Click Next.


Depending on your choice to transfer or delete your users, acknowledge that you're aware that your users will be transferred or deleted, and that this choice is irreversible. Then, click Delete Organization.