If you or anybody else finds it difficult to see every detail on your device's screen, you might need to adjust the brightness to make viewing it more comfortable.

This article does not apply to DX70 and DX80 devices.


Open the control panel by swiping from the right side of the screen or tapping the button.


Adjust the Brightness slider there.

On Desk Pro you can toggle Auto brightness off or on.

When you turn on auto brightness, the screen automatically becomes dimmer when it gets darker around you. And when it gets brighter around you, the screen automatically becomes brighter as well.

When you activate this feature, you can choose the desired brightness level based on the current lighting conditions. This selected level becomes the reference point, and the auto brightness adjusts the screen brightness either up or down from that reference point as the lighting changes. It's important to note that when you enable auto brightness, the current setting is automatically used as the reference point.


Tap anywhere else on the screen to close the control panel.