Your partner logo is only displayed in the About window. When a customer's logo is added, the customer logo appears in the navigation menu and in the About window.

Add Your Partner Logo to Webex Teams

Your customers and their users will see your logo in the Webex Teams About window.


From the partner view in, go to Settings and scroll to Branding > Custom Branding.


Click Use your own logo, click the input area to select a PNG file, and then click Open.

Enable Customer Logo Branding in Cisco Webex Teams

Give your customers the ability to add their own company logo. Their people see the logo on various screens in Webex Teams along with the Webex Teams logo.


From the partner view in, go to Settings.


Perform one of the following tasks:

  • To allow all your customers to use their own logos, scroll to Custom Branding, and check Enable all customers to use their own logo.
  • To change the logo setting for individual customers:
    1. Go to Customers, and then select the customer name to open the overview page.

    2. Toggle the Customer Logo Override to enable or disable the logo setting for the specific customer.

What to do next

If you manage your customer's organization, you can add their company branding to Webex Teams.

Add Partner-Level Problem Report and Help URLs

Before you begin

You can specify a support site URL for all of your paid and trial customers.


From the partner view in, go to Settings, and scroll to Support > Support Setup.


Click Send problem reports to a custom URL, enter your URL and any additional support information.


(Optional) Click Use a custom help site and enter your help site URL.


Click Save.

Any custom URLs that you enter open when people submit feedback.

For reference, the URLs that you entered appear under Troubleshooting > Status > Support Resources.