When you walk into the room where your meeting is scheduled, 5 minutes before the meeting Proactive Join asks if you would like to join. All you have to say is “Yes” and the device is connected to the meeting.

Proactive Join uses data that the devices are already collecting. The device recognizes when there are people in the room and a meeting is ready to start. The device checks people presence, connected devices, and that there’s a scheduled meeting.

Joining a meeting with Proactive Join is available when you schedule the meeting in a room with a Webex Assistant enabled device. In the meeting invite's location add both the room and @webex, @webex:myroom, or @meet:myroom for a Personal Room meeting. If you want to schedule a Webex meeting, add the room and @meet, @webex:space, or @meet:space in the location field. For more details, read you can read the schedule a Webex Meeting from your calendar article. Hybrid Calendar needs to be enabled for the device.

If a Touch 10 controller is available, you can toggle proactive prompts on and off from an individual device. See Toggle Proactive Join On and Off for Webex Assistant.

To use Proactive Join, the meeting room needs to be added in the invitation in the same way as you enable One Button to Push meetings. Read here how to schedule a Webex Meeting from your calendar.


If the room is booked for a meeting, Webex Assistant asks if you wish to join it.

The prompt to join meetings is available 30 seconds before the meeting is scheduled to start. It disappears 5 minutes after the scheduled starting time.


To join the meeting, say “Yes” or “Join”, and the device joins the meeting. If you don't wish to join, say "Dismiss".

When a device is scheduled for a meeting, you get a prompt from Webex Assistant to join the meeting 30 seconds before the meeting starts. The prompt is visible for 5 minutes after the meeting is scheduled to start.

When Webex Assistant for Devices is enabled in your organization, Proactive Join is by default On on all supported devices.


From the Touch 10 home screen, select the device name and Settings.


Under Advanced Settings, tap Webex Assistant. Then toggle Proactive Join on or off.

Before you begin

Your administrator needs to set up your account with the Webex Hybrid Calendar Service so you can schedule meetings this way.


Go to your work calendar app and schedule a meeting.


Add people to your invite or leave the attendees field blank to create a draft meeting or an upcoming appointment.


In the meeting location field, enter one of the following:

  • @webex, @webex:myroom or @meet:myroom—Creates a Webex Personal Room meeting.

  • @meet, @webex:space or @meet:space—Creates a Webex meeting from a space and automatically creates a new space in Webex using the meeting subject as the space name.

    To schedule a new Webex meeting from a space or a recurring meeting for an existing Webex space, see Schedule a Meeting from a Space .


If you add more than one keyword, only the first (leftmost) keyword is used. Additional keywords are ignored.


Your administrator can change the default behavior for @webex and @meet for your organization. For example, your administrator can customize the keywords so that @webex creates a Webex meeting from a space and a new space, and @meet creates a Personal Room meeting. However, regardless of any administrator configuration, adding :myroom to either keyword will always create a Personal Room meeting and adding :space to either keyword will always create a Webex meeting from a space and a new space.


To make it easier for people to join from a Cisco Webex room or desk device, add the device as a room resource so that a Join button appears on the device before the meeting starts:

  • On Windows, click Scheduling Assistant > Add Rooms and then select the device.
  • On Mac, click Scheduling > Add Room or click Room Finder > Add Room , and then select the device.

Set any other meeting options and then click Send .

What to do next

When you create a Webex meeting from a space with no attendees, a space is created in Webex. If you want to add attendees to the calendar appointment, you must also add the people to the Webex space.