• These contacts are moved to Webex:

    • Jabber directory contacts whose emails also exist in the cloud Identity Service (the same service that Webex uses).

    • Custom contacts and photos

    • XMPP federated contacts

    If any contacts cannot be moved, the built in tool allows users to export these contacts as a CSV file that they can review. Users must also restart their Webex app for changes to take effect.

  • These user preferences are moved to Webex:

    • Chat notification settings (including mute all), unless otherwise noted in the Jabber version information above

    • Call notification settings (including mute all)

    • Audio device and video device selection (except for VDI)

    • Video preferences for incoming calls (start with video or no video)

Before You Begin

  • The tool supports Jabber users on Webex Messenger, Unified CM IM and Presence, Jabber Team Messaging Mode, and phone-only mode with contacts.

  • Make sure your organization uses the following supported releases of Jabber and Webex:

    Table 1. Supported Versions of Jabber




    What's Migrated

    Jabber for Windows

    The latest major releases (MRs): 12.1.4, 12.5.3, 12.6.4, 12.7.3, 12.8.4, 12.9.3, 12.9.4


    All contacts and settings mentioned in this article are moved over

    Earlier MRs: 12.1.0, 12.1.1, 12.1.2, 12.1.3, 12.5.0, 12.5.1, 12.5.2, 12.6.0, 12.6.1, 12.6.2, 12.6.3, 12.7.0, 12.7.1, 12.7.2, 12.8.0, 12.8.1, 12.8.2, 12.8.3, 12.9.0, 12.9.1, 12.9.2

    Yes—Download from here

    All contacts and settings mentioned in this article are moved over

    Jabber for Mac

    12.8.5, 12.8.6, 12.9.4, 12.9.5


    All contacts and settings mentioned in this article are moved over

  • Make sure you meet the Webex requirements:

    • Webex: September release or later must be installed; you may need to sign in before the Jabber data can be moved over.

    • We recommend that users download Webex from https://www.webex.com/downloads.html or you can direct them to a website using the parameter below. Then the user can install Webex on the system that they're already using Jabber on.

  • Users must be authenticated through Active Directory for contact access.

  • All directory users must be synchronized to the identity service, otherwise the Webex contact cannot be located.

    Custom contacts are moved as-is from Jabber to Webex.


Open the Cisco Unified CM Administration interface.


Select User Management > User Settings > UC Service .


Choose one:

  • For a new configuration, select Add New , and then choose Jabber Client Configuration (jabber-config.xml) as the UC Service Type .
  • For an existing configuration, choose an existing UC Service that you configured with Jabber Client Configuration (jabber-config.xml) as the UC Service Type .

Select Next .


Enter a name in the UC Service Information section, refer to the Unified CM Help for more requirements.


Enter the parameters in the Jabber Configuration Parameters section.


These parameters are not selectable presets in Unified CM. You must add these as custom parameters under policies.

Jabber to Webex Migration Parameters







Tags users as candidates for moving their data from Jabber to Webex. This process brings over the users' contact (buddy) list and calling preferences to Webex.

Moving data from Jabber to Webex automatically appears for the user if they have a matching email address for both applications. The data move starts between 5 minutes–3 hours after a user signs into Jabber or when they manually initiate the move from the help menu or the pop up.
false (default)
Moving data from Jabber to Webex does not automatically appear for the user but is still available for the user to manually start through the help menu.


Download URL

Specifies where users can download Webex if they did not download while doing the upgrade. Add a value for this URL, otherwise users are asked to contact an administrator for help.

For example (using the official download page):

             <WebexTeamsDownloadURL>https://www.webex.com/downloads.html </WebexTeamsDownloadURL> 

Select Save .

What to do next

Users need to restart Jabber to load the patch or MR. Selected users are presented with a screen to ask if they want to move their local data and settings. Users can proceed with the steps or skip it if they're not ready yet.

The screen shows up between 5 minutes–3 hours after a user signs into Jabber or when they manually initiate the move from the help menu.

If that data fails to move because of a network issue, server issue, or other reasons, the data transfer stops but users can retry this step on Webex. If the step doesn't work even after they retry, users are prompted again after 24 hours if Webex remains logged in. Users are also prompted immediately if Webex is relaunched.