You can enable the following configurations from the local web interface of the device. Read the Device Configurations article for more information on how to access it.

When the web interface of the device is opened, select Settings under the Setup tab, and choose the configuration

  • Configuration > WebEngine > Mode : Choose On to enable the web engine.

  • Configuration > WebEngine > Features > LocalWebAppManagement : Choose allowed if you want the user to add, edit, and delete web apps from the settings menu on the device. When set to NotAllowed the web apps list is accessible in the settings menu, but it's not possible to add, edit, or delete them. When set to Off , the web apps are not in the settings menu of the device.

The web apps configured on Control Hub or in the UI extension editor are visible in the web apps list under Externally Managed Web Apps, but it is not possible to edit or delete them from the device.