Join Meeting Link is Missing from Email Invitation for Webex Meetings

Join Meeting link is missing from email invitation for Webex Meetings.

The email invitation for Webex Meetings is blank with no join meeting link.

The green Join Meeting button is missing from the invitation after updating my meeting.

Possible Causes:

  • There is a known issue affecting meetings scheduled through the Desktop App or Outlook, where the Join Meeting link disappears or needs to be clickable in the invitation email after the host edits the meeting and chooses to send updated meeting invitations. The updated invitation may appear similar to the following:
User-added image
  • Another rarer potential cause is a customized invitation email where the Join Meeting link is set to white color, #FFFFFF.


Send New Updated Invitation for Meetings that were Updated Earlier

For the first issue, the host can edit the scheduled meeting, add any character, such as a period, to the body of the email next to the Join Meeting button, then save the changes and send newly updated invitations to attendees. The updated email invitation should include the proper Join Meeting link.

To update and send an Invitation, click here: How Do I Edit a Scheduled Meeting?

Edit Customized Invitation Template in Control Hub/Site Admin

Edit the customized invitation template in Control Hub or Site Admin and ensure the meeting invitation email does not have link text set to white #FFFFFF. Set the link text to any color by using the HTML color code. Blue is #0000FF. Once the email template is edited and corrected, have the meeting host update the meeting and send updated meeting invitations out to the attendees.

To edit the customized invitation, click here: Sign in to Cisco Webex Control Hub


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