Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Users are Automatically Muted After Joining the Audio Conference

Cisco Webex Meetings mobile app users are automatically muted after joining the audio conference.

My audio is on mute when I use the call-in or call-back features on the mobile app.

In Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Version 39.7, the Mute on Entry feature is enabled by default. When enabled, the Mute on Entry feature mutes a user when the user joins the audio conference using Call Me or Call In.

If you do not wish to be muted on joining an audio conference, follow these steps to disable the Mute on Entry feature:

  1.  Go to Setting in mobile app.
  2. Tap on Audio & Video.
  3. To disable Mute on Entry, slide the slider from On to Off:
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Note: We will release an Emergency Patch (EP) on the mobile app which will change the Mute on Entry feature to off by default for the Call Me or Call In audio option. Use Internet for Audio will continue to be muted after the patch release.

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