Connect your computer to the USB-C socket of the Room Kit Mini with a USB cable in order to use it as a USB camera. The Room Kit Mini supports 1080p video when used as a USB camera.

  • If your Room Kit Mini is Webex-registered, it is put in Do Not Disturb mode when you are in a call from a third-party client. This is to avoid conflicts with incoming calls.

  • If you want to extend the configuration to include an external monitor with this setup, connect your computer to the monitor in your usual way.

  • Camera controls are fully accessible from the Touch 10 of the Room Kit Mini.

Used as a USB Camera When the Device Is Registered

When placing calls using a third-party client, the camera, microphone, and loudspeakers are selected based on the OS or app defaults. You can override these settings.

The camera light indicator is lit whenever the camera is active in order to maintain privacy.

The third-party client controls all other functionality.

Used as a USB Camera When the Device Is Not Registered

The Setup Wizard appears when you first start up your device and lets you specify how to register with Cisco Services (Cloud or on-premises). The Room Kit Mini provides the option of skipping the wizard if you are going to use it as a USB device only.

If you later want to register the Room Kit Mini with Cisco, go into the Settings and select Device Activation.