Known issues and limitations for Events (classic)

Starting events when Events (classic) is disabled

If your site administrator has disabled Events (classic), you cannot start previously scheduled events from the Webex site. Instead, start your event from your calendar application or the event email.

Recording playback on mobile devices

You cannot play back a network-based recording on a mobile device.

Using other teleconfrences services

When Other Teleconference Service is used for Webex Events (classic), the event recording will be non-video-centric.

Slow join times after a major upgrade

After a major Webex Meetings Suite upgrade containing more new features than a regular service pack release, you may encounter a long load time, as more files have to be downloaded and installed. Loading times depend on your network's bandwidth and the amount of traffic at the time of the download. In general, load times can range from 20 seconds to 3 minutes or more.

In-meeting experience

  • Keyboard navigation and screen reader support:
    • Video thumbnail items in the Participant panel do not support navigation using the Tab key.

    • Some items in file sharing and in the Polling panel don't support navigation using the Tab key.

    • Items within the video full-screen view don't support navigation using the Tab key.

    • Elements inside the video user interface don't support screen readers.

    • Video thumbnail items don't support screen readers.

    • The participant list within the Participant panel doesn't support screen readers.

    • Some elements for file sharing and in the Polling panel don't support screen readers.

  • The Pan tool is not available when viewing a file that is shared using file sharing.

  • The new interface is not available for Linux users.

  • On Mac, when the presenter annotates during application sharing or screen sharing (formerly called desktop sharing) and takes notes or creates a poll, the Notes and Poll information cannot be saved.

  • On Mac, when using annotation during sharing, if user moves from tab view to full-screen view, the annotation option that as last used is not remembered.

  • On some Windows machines as well as on Linux machines, if attendee screen saver comes on and then the presenter starts file sharing, the screen saver automatically quits.

  • Some custom Quick Start templates, created using older releases of Webex Meetings, may not work after upgrading to this release.

  • In a few cases, uploading a very large Microsoft PowerPoint file to share in the meeting may cause the meeting to get disconnected for the presenter.

Initials in avatars

The first letter of a user's first name and the first letter of the user's last name are used in avatars when there is no image available. Users with second names comprised of more than one word will not be displayed correctly as three letters, for example, "Mary Van Buren" and "Robert Smith Jr." will display as "MB" and "RJ" respectively.

Shared documents display quality

Events (classic) uses a printer driver interface to import documents that are not natively supported. The presentation quality of documents shared in Print Driver mode, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF documents, cannot be better than a hard-copy printout of the same document printed by a physical printer. This issue is particularly pronounced when these documents contain images of text.

Attendee invitations

If a host removes any attendees for an event, the link to the event from the invitation will no longer be valid for those removed attendees. If you are planning to invite people for a mass-mailing list, we recommend that you use a third-party mailing service, and then link to the event address for attendees.

Host role taken over by a joining alternate host

In some circumstances, the host role may be taken over by an alternate host when joining a meeting or session, even if the host has already joined. If this occurs, we recommend the alternate host assigns the host role back to the host.

Links generated by Webex Meetings and Webex recording services

As part of our continuing updates to improve security, Cisco is making changes to improve the management of cryptographic keys used to generate URLs used in the Webex Meetings Suite and Webex recording services. As a result, existing links that were generated by those services have been updated, and in some cases, users may need to request new links.

Joining a Webex meeting on Chrome and Firefox

Because of Google and Mozilla policy changes, users must manually enable the Webex plug-in when using Chrome and Firefox.

One event at a time

Mac users can join only one event at the same time.

Multi-monitor support in Windows 10

Shared content may get cut off or display partially when sharing from a secondary screen that has a higher resolution than your primary screen. To remedy this, we recommend that you set your largest display to be your main display in your Windows display settings.

Microsoft Office 2013 and later Support

  • If you have Microsoft Office 2013 or later installed, the following features are not supported when sharing PowerPoint files:

    • Animations and transitions

    • Embedded video or audio files

    • UCF Toolkit

  • If you have customized your Info Tab, some custom elements may not be supported. We recommend that you validate it to make sure it continues to display properly in a Webex event.

  • In a few cases, the following problems may occur:

    • Text and fill colors may be slightly different from the actual colors in a slide.

    • Some graphic elements may be missing from a slide.

    • Fonts may appear blurry on a slide or may be different from the original.

    • The size of shapes may be different from the original.

  • If an object in a PowerPoint presentation does not display correctly in edit mode, it is automatically removed in Slide Show view; however, the object may continue to display when the file is shared in a Webex meeting.

  • You cannot share password-protected PowerPoint 2013 files using the file sharing feature. Use the application sharing or desktop sharing features instead.

  • You cannot share Excel 2013 files on Windows 8 using the file sharing feature. Use the application sharing or screen sharing (formerly called "desktop sharing") features instead.

  • You cannot share Word 2013 (64-bit) documents on Windows 8 (64-bit) using the file sharing feature. Use the application sharing or screen sharing features instead.

Shared documents display quality

The Webex Meetings Suite uses a printer driver interface to import documents that are not natively supported. The presentation quality of documents shared in Print Driver mode, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF documents, cannot be better than a hard-copy printout of the same document printed by a physical printer. This issue is particularly pronounced when these documents contain images of text.

Streaming media sharing

Attendee video resolution is optimized to 480p. Video files with higher resolution are resized to fit (640 X 480) resolution. The following media file formats are currently supported: WMV, WMA, WAV, MP3, ASF, AVI, MPG, MPEG, FLV, F4V, and MP4.

Recommended System requirements for video file sharing on Presenter side:

  • Core2-Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHz for VGA file is required

  • AMD 9650 2.3GHz (4 core) 8GB is preferred

  • Intel® Core™ 2 Duo -E7400 2.8GHz 2.79GHz is preferred

HTML email content

The content of the default HTML email and its corresponding iCalendar (.ics) template are not the same [295149]

Description in iCalendar attachment

Due to an Outlook calendar limitation, the event description will not display in the iCalendar attachment if description exceeds a certain length. The description does not display if the field length exceeds these limits:

  • In Microsoft Outlook 2000 the field length limit is 8KB.

  • In Microsoft Outlook 2003 the field length limit is 4KB.

  • In Microsoft Outlook 2007 there is no limit for field length. [271477]

Play button in Flash files

When a presenter is sharing a Flash (.swf) file, clicking the Play button will "pause" the file instead of playing it. The Presenter needs to press the Play button twice in order to play the file. [289318]

Deleting meetings from My Meetings list

When the Delete from My Meetings when completed option is selected, an event still appears on the Meetings list if the host completes the event before the end time of event. The event is deleted from the list after the schedule end time has elapsed. For example, if an event is scheduled for 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. and the host ends the event at 10.45 a.m., the event is still displayed under the Meetings list and the Webex Event Calendar until 11.01 a.m., after the scheduled end of the meeting. The event always displays when you turn on Show past events.

Participants Panel on Solaris

Some non-English characters do not display correctly in the Participants Panel on Solaris machines. [276651]

Switching poll coordinator role

During polling, if you switch the polling coordinator role, the Save Polling Result window will display.

Adding attendees to address book

From the event scheduler, if you select the option to add an attendee to your address book, an error message displays when you click Add Attendee

iCalendar attachment

When Webex Meetings sends the first and second event reminder to attendees, the iCalendar attachment that attendees use to automatically add the event to their calendar application is missing.

Email messages with iCalendar content

Due to an .ics limitation (iCalendar attachment), HTML email messages can not display content of .ics calendars properly. As a result, for HTML email messages, we will pull in the content from plain text email messages. This means if a user has customized an HTML email message, the customization can not be reflected in the iCalendar attachment.

Importing a CSV file when Creating an invitation list

When creating an invitation list, the option to import a CSV file is not supported for MAC. As a result, the Import CSV files button is unavailable for MAC and Safari.

Past events

The past event identification criteria is not consistent between the Events (classic) page and Welcome pages. According to Events (classic) logic, an event belongs to past events after the scheduled start time is passed. However, if the scheduled start time has passed, the event is still listed on the Welcome page, even when Show past meetings is not selected. [244342]

Past events status shows on the Events (classic) calendar for attendee's view. When an attendee looks the at Events (classic) calendar and selects Show past events, all past events are displayed with Register and/or Not started status; however, no status should appear for past events on an attendee's view. [244153]

Event templates

When a host saves the event as a template, the list of attendees and panelists is not saved; however, the panelist information and the panelist password are saved. [180534]

Money symbol

The money symbol is missing for the budget field on the program information page. [183019]

Panelist information as search criteria

Panelist information can not be used as a search criteria on the Events (classic) search page. However, the search can be done from the Welcome page [177716]

Saving user information when using Firefox

If a user is using Firefox, user information always is saved, regardless of whether Remember me on this computer is selected. [228112]

Calendar display of daily audio-only events

Since Events (classic) does not have a concept of a recurring event, if a daily audio-only event is scheduled, the Events (classic) calendar can not display it properly [161351]

Participant view of video

Only the first 1,000 event participants can receive participant video. For example, when you turn on a webcam or a video device as a panelist, only the first 1,000 participants will be able to see your video.

Limitations during screen sharing

You cannot interact with system applications on a remotely controlled computer, even if the presenter on that computer is sharing their screen.

Video systems unable to join Events (classic) on FedRAMP

Video systems are not able to join Events (classic) on the FedRAMP platform because the FedRAMP platform is currently running Video Platform 1 at this time.

Web app limitations on FedRAMP

Attendees joining from the web app can only listen to the audio if the host scheduled the session with both Hybrid Audio and Audio Broadcast enabled.

Web app attendees can't be promoted to panelist

See the Webex Meetings web app known issues and limitations.

Web app limitations for syncing the stage

Synced stages don't appear for participants who join an event using the web app in Events (classic).