When you schedule a webinar, email reminders are automatically sent to attendees using the default template. If you prefer to customize your email template and send reminders later, uncheck the check box next to Automatically send email invitations to all participants after clicking Schedule, then complete the following steps.


After you've scheduled a webinar, select Calendar, then select your webinar in the list.


Under the Host tab, in the Email messages section, click Customize email template.


Choose a template to edit.


In the Preview section, select Edit template.


Make your changes using HTML or plain text, then click Save.


You can delete or rearrange variables, but never change the text in a variable. For example, in %ParticipantName%, do not change the text ParticipantName within the percentage signs. If you change it, Webex Webinars cannot substitute the correct text from your user or webinar information.

You can move variables within a template, but not between templates.


Click Back to webinar details page.


To send your email reminders now, in the Email messages section, click Send emails.

What to do next

To customize reminders and turn them on or off for attendees, see Customize reminders in Webex Webinars.