Make a Call

Use your phone just like any other phone to make a call.

Enter a number and press Call.

Make a Call with a Speed-Dial Code

Before you begin

Set up speed-dial codes from your phone screen.

Enter the speed-dial code and press Call.

Redial a Number

You can call the most recently dialed phone number.


Press Redial.

By default, the Redial softkey doesn't display on the phone screen. Contact your administrator to configure it.


Select the call record from the Placed calls list and press Call.

You can also access the Placed calls list from Information and settings > Recents > Placed calls.

Dial an International Number

You can dial international calls when you prefix the phone number with a plus (+) sign.


Press and hold star (*) for at least 1 second.

The plus (+) sign is displayed as the first digit in the phone number.


Enter the phone number.


Press Call or wait 10 seconds after the last key press to automatically place the call.

Secure Calls

Your phone encrypts all calls to protect the calls. The lock icon displays on the phone screen for all secure calls.

You can also set a password on your phone to restrict unauthorized access.