Use these commands when you start a Personal Room meeting by phone only or start a scheduled meeting by phone only.


Key sequence



Hear the DTMF Help menu


Mute or unmute your own line

If you join a Webex Webinar you’re muted by default. When the presenter requests you to unmute, you are given 30 seconds to unmute.


Mute all participants, except yourself


Unmute all participants


Automatically mute new participants on entry


Start recording the meeting in the cloud


Stop recording the meeting in the cloud


Lock or unlock the meeting


Allow the meeting to continue if you need to leave the meeting early

Otherwise, when you hang up, the meeting continues without a host, for the time period set by your administrator. A notification message plays five minutes before the meeting ends. But, if you rejoin the meeting, you can reclaim the host role.


Raise your hand to ask a question


Hear a count of the number of participants