The following are required for private meetings on Video Mesh:

  • The host organization uses Video Mesh and enables the feature for your organization.

  • All participants in a private meeting must belong to the organization hosting the private meeting (the host organization).

  • Your administrator has enabled your individual account for private meetings.

  • You must be connected to the corporate network of the host organization, either directly or through a VPN.

  • You can only join the private meeting from the Webex app or from an authenticated video system in the host organization.

  • If your Webex app is connected to a video system, it must be an authenticated video system in the host organization.

  • For more information, see Cisco Webex Video Mesh Release Notes.

Known Limitations

  • Private meetings only support VoIP for audio. Webex Edge Audio and PSTN are not supported.

  • You can't use Personal Rooms for private meetings.

  • Private meetings are supported for scheduled meetings only.

  • Private meetings don't support Webex features that require a connection to the cloud, such as cloud recording, transcription, and Webex Assistant.

  • You can't join a private meetings from an unauthenticated video system, even one with the Webex app on it.